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You’re So Wicked

November 25th, 2015

Clash of Rebellions unleashed an intergalactic war of wizards and witches the likes of which we’ve never seen. Launching interstellar strikes with giant starships, punctuated by the evasive escapes of an elusive Farmgirl, and a Goodwitch that was here one minute and gone the next, Kozmos accelerated to attack speed and trench-runned tournaments the moment they debuted.

Now the story continues in Dimension of Chaos, with four new monsters and one elegant Equip Card. If you haven’t seen them yet, consider this your introduction.

Emergency Teleport’s a staple for Kozmo Duelists. It Special Summons Kozmo Farmgirl straight from your Deck, so she can sneak attacks into everything from your opponent’s Life Points to small thermal exhaust ports. Farmgirl’s really the heart of the Kozmo strategy; a direct shot on your opponent’s Life Points lets you add a bigger Kozmo from your Deck to your hand, and you can follow up by banishing Farmgirl to Special Summon whatever you searched, pressing for another attack.

JamesSpaderVoicePackOptionalThe problem? Until now, Kozmo Duelists could only Emergency Teleport for one card. At Level 4, Kozmo Goodwitch was too big to Special Summon. Enter Kozmo Strawman: at Level 2, you can Special Summon it when you’re out of Farmgirls, or don’t want to waste one. Like Farmgirl and Goodwitch, you can banish Strawman to Special Summon a Kozmo of higher Level from your hand. Unlike Farmgirl and Goodwitch, the Strawman’s secondary ability can field big attackers that you banished previously. Once per turn you can pay 500 LP, then target 1 of your banished “Kozmo” monsters; the Strawman Special Summons it, but its effects are negated and it’s destroyed during the End Phase.

So suddenly you have an Emergency Teleport option that lets you Special Summon any Kozmo from your hand, and recycles banished monsters. Since Strawman negates the abilities of whatever it brings back there’s not much sense in reusing Kozmo Farmgirl or Kozmo Goodwitch – that’s what Kozmotown’s for. But if you Special Summon one of the high-Level Kozmo starships, they can still attack for full damage. Then when Strawman’s effect destroys the starship in your End Phase, its Graveyard effect will trigger and Special Summon another Kozmo from your deck.


Kozmo Strawman’s particularly awesome when you pair it with the new Kozmo Dark Destroyer. At 3000 ATK it packs a heavy punch, and when Strawman destroys it you can banish it to bring out any other Kozmo monster from your Deck – it Special Summons any Kozmo Level 7 or lower. Banishing it that way sets it up for another Strawman later, and lets you field stuff like Kozmo Sliprider and Kozmo Forerunner, with their effects intact.

That’s awesome, but it doesn’t even factor in Kozmo Dark Destroyer’s on-field effect: if you Normal Summon it or Special Summon it, you can target a monster on the field and destroy it. That’s a great way to clear out an opposing monster, but you can also rack up major damage by destroying your own starships.

Consider this. You start your turn with Kozmo Forerunner on the field. If you can clear your opponent’s field, Summon Kozmo Farmgirl. Attack with the Forerunner, then Farmgirl, and search for Dark Destroyer with her effect. Banish her to Summon the Dark Destroyer, scrap your own Forerunner, and banish it to Special Summon Kozmo Sliprider from your Deck.

That combo makes four attacks – one each with Forerunner, Farmgirl, Dark Destroyer, and Sliprider – for a total of 9600 damage. You can actually use Sliprider to Summon a Goodwitch or another Farmgirl and still make game, off just a two-card combo. You can even Summon the next newcomer…


Introducing the dark side witchcraft: Kozmoll Wickedwitch and Kozmo DOG Fighter. Kozmoll Wickedwitch has the same banish-to-Summon effect as Farmgirl, Goodwitch, and Strawman, but with 1900 ATK she’s a bigger threat on her own. She’s also way harder to destroy: once per turn, you can pay 1000 LP to protect Wickedwitch from all forms of destruction for the rest of the turn. If your opponent brings down one of your Starships, Kozmoll Wickedwitch is a much safer Special Summon than the other Kozmo Psychics.

She can also press damage through stuff like Mirror Force, or survive your own Dark Hole. Since you can use Wickedwitch’s effect on either player’s turn, you can activate it in response to effects or attacks.


Kozmo DOG Fighter’s the smallest of the Kozmo starships at Level 6 with 2000 ATK. Once per turn during the Standby Phase you can use its effect to Special Summon a DOG Fighter Token with the same stats. That effect triggers in every Standby Phase, including your opponent’s. By keeping Kozmoll Wickedwitch around and safe from destruction, you can pick just the right time to Summon DOG Fighter and rack up DOG Fighter Tokens.

Each of the Psychic-Type Kozmos can only use their banish-to-Special Summon effect once per turn. Kozmoll Wickedwitch doubles down on those abilities, and since Wickedwitch and Dark Destroyer both have such high ATK, they open up some game-ending scenarios that weren’t possible before. Want an example?

Start with a hand of Kozmo Farmgirl, Kozmo Wickedwitch, and Kozmo Dark Destroyer. Summon Farmgirl and attack to search Kozmo Forerunner. Then banish Farmgirl to Special Summon Kozmo Wickedwitch from your hand. That’s 1500 Battle Damage so far.

Attack with Wickedwitch for another 1900, then banish it to Special Summon Dark Destroyer. That triggers Dark Destroyer’s ability; use it to destroy itself. Banish Dark Destroyer from your Graveyard to Special Summon Kozmo Goodwitch from your Deck, and attack for another 1800 damage. (1500 + 1900 + 1800 = 5200 damage.)

Now banish Goodwitch to Special Summon Kozmo Forerunner and one last attack will win the Duel with 8000 damage exact. The trick here is that by destroying your own Kozmo Dark Destroyer, you wind up making two more attacks: one with the ‘witch, and the other with your final starship.

The best thing about this combo is that the cards are interchangeable. If you don’t have Kozmo Farmgirl to start things off, Emergency Teleport searches her. You can start the sequence holding Goodwitch instead of Wickedwitch, too – just Special Summon Goodwitch with Farmgirl and search Wickedwitch with Dark Destroyer instead. Don’t have Dark Destroyer to start? If you have Forerunner in hand, just search Dark Destroyer with Farmgirl’s ability. There are lots of different combos, and there are different ways to make them depending on what you have.


Combined with the ATK boost and piercing damage of Kozmo Lightsword, the Kozmo Deck’s now far better at dealing damage and winning Duels. While the strategy used to depend on one big move with Kozmo Farmgirl, you now have the option to relentlessly rain down attacks on your opponent in a single turn, or create a swarm of Tokens to protect yourself and attack your opponent.. Dimension of Chaos turns Kozmos into a flexible strategy that offers lots of decisions, and lots of ways to win!