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The Monarchs Reign Continues!

March 16th, 2016

The Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck amped up the strength of the emperors of Dueling, the Monarchs. Today, we’re going to look at some of the all-new cards in Premium Gold: Infinite Gold that will give your Monarch Deck even more power!

Many great turns begin with The Monarchs Stormforth, a card used in all kinds of strategies, even without Monarchs, because it’s just that good. It’s a Quick-Play Spell Card that allows you to use 1 opposing monster as part of your next Tribute Summon this turn. You trade your Spell for your opponent’s monster, and get a Tribute Summon out of the deal – what’s not to love? In addition to the new cards we’re talking about today, you can also find The Monarchs Stormforth in Premium Gold: Infinite Gold in case you don’t already have it.

One awesome monster to Tribute Summon with Stormforth is a brand new Monarch: Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch!


Like most of the Monarchs, Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch is Level 6, with 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF. When you Tribute Summon Angmarl, you can banish any Spell Card from your Graveyard to add another copy of that Spell Card from your Deck to your hand!

Angmarl works with literally any Spell Card that you can run 2 or more copies of. You could use The Monarchs Stormforth to Tribute Summon Angmarl, and immediately replace your spell so you can play it again next turn. You could also use Emergency Teleport to get your Tribute for Angmarl, then get another Emergency Teleport to put together a Synchro Summon! Angmarl is also great for reusing powerful cards like Domain of the True Monarchs, and can play well with Edea the Heavenly Squire. Since you’ll often send some spells to the Graveyard for the effects of Ehther the Heavenly Monarch and Erebus the Underworld Monarch, you’ll have plenty of choices to banish with Angmarl’s effect.

Speaking of Ehther and Erebus, our next card is a great choice to use with their effects!

Frost Blast of the Monarchs
is a Normal Spell Card that channels the power of Mobius the Frost Monarch for two effects: one on the field, and one in the Graveyard. If you activate it normally, you’ll need to control a monster with 2400 or more ATK and 1000 DEF (Usually, a Monarch). You’ll target a Set card on the field and destroy it.

Once Frost Blast is in the Graveyard, you can activate its second effect. By banishing it and another “Monarch” Spell/Trap Card, you can target a Set card on the field and destroy it. Unlike the first effect, it doesn’t matter what monsters you control if you want to use Frost Blast from the Graveyard.

Both effects are capable of destroying either a Set monster or a Set Spell/Trap Card. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from using both effects, one after the other, to destroy two cards! You’ll probably use the Graveyard effect the most, since it’s so easy to put Frost Blast in the Graveyard with Ehther, Erebus, or Pantheism of the Monarchs. You can later use Edea the Heavenly Squire to get back your Frost Blast or the other card you banished.

One combo is to have either Frost Blast or Pantheism, and use Tenacity of the Monarchs to search for the other one. Play Pantheism, discarding Frost Blast. Now, you can banish Pantheism for its own effect, and banish Frost Blast and Tenacity. In the end, that simple combo lets you draw two cards, add a Monarch Spell/Trap Card to your hand, and destroy a Set card!

The final new Monarch card today isn’t technically a Monarch card by name – and your future opponents are already breathing a sigh of relief because they at least don’t have to worry about it always being in your hand!



You can activate Dark Advance during either the Main Phase or Battle Phase of either player’s turn. Its effect puts any monster from your Graveyard into your hand, as long as it has 2400 or more ATK, and 1000 DEF. Then, once you’ve finished resolving Dark Advance, you can immediately perform a Tribute Summon for a monster with 2400 or more ATK AND 1000 DEF.

In other words, you get back a Monarch from the Graveyard, then you Tribute Summon a Monarch right after! It doesn’t even have to be the same Monarch you retrieved, if you don’t want it to be. You can play Dark Advance during your Battle Phase to throw down a surprise attacker, or play it on your opponent’s turn and surprise them with an effect like Erebus the Underworld Monarch’s.

Of course you can also combine Dark Advance with The Monarchs Stormforth! Resolve Stormforth, then activate Dark Advance at any time to surprise your opponent. Finally, you can use Dark Advance to surprise your opponent when they think they’ve finally deactivated your Domain of the True Monarchs.

The reign of the Monarchs is eternal! You can grab these new cards for your Monarch Deck in Premium Gold: Infinite Gold, starting on March 18th!