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Shining Victories: Evil Infinite

April 28th, 2016

The Amorphages are strong, but need fuel to keep them going. Having to Tribute a monster every turn isn’t too bad when you’re Tributing Pendulum Monsters because you can just Pendulum Summon them back, but who wants to just break even? If you’re looking for more cards, look no further, because Amorphages have more tricks up their sleeve to make sure you never run out of cards.

Amorphous Persona
is a powerful Field Spell that does everything you could want and more. First, it pumps all of your Amorphages by 300 ATK and DEF. While stat boosts aren’t the most impressive nowadays, think of this as just the cherry on top. More importantly, Amorphous Persona lets you draw a card up to twice per turn when a monster you control is Tributed. Suddenly you can maintain having two Amorphages in your Pendulum Zone at basically no cost, just drawing a couple cards and bringing them back via a Pendulum Summon! Suddenly you are getting deeper through your Deck and gaining cards in the transaction rather than staying even, so Amorphous Persona is a key way to pull ahead once you have your opponent locked down. Last but certainly not least, Amorphous Persona can also be used to Ritual Summon the big bad Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord. This Field Spell provides a boost for your monsters, a way to draw cards, and a means to summon a huge threat all rolled into one!

You know what might just be better than drawing cards though? Searching them. Amorphage Infection plays a similar role as Amorphous Persona, but goes a step further by allowing you to choose what you add to your hand. Rather than a 300 point boost, Amorphage Infection only provides your Amorphages with 100 ATK and DEF. However, rather than drawing a card, whenever a monster in your hand or you control is Tributed, you can add an Amorphage card from the Deck to your hand. This effect also works when your monsters are destroyed by battle or card effects, so while you don’t get as much of a point boost you do get added resiliency there. What is especially important though is that Amorphage Infection adds more than just monsters, so you can use it to find a copy of Amorphage Lysis.


This Trap doesn’t quite boost your Amorphages, but will drain everything else by 100 ATK and DEF for each Amorphage card on the field. You can easily get that reduction stacking pretty high when considering you have Pendulums and various continuous Amorphage cards to go along with your monsters. However, it’s really the other effect of Amorphage Lysis that makes it especially powerful. Whenever a card in your Pendulum Zone is destroyed, you can replace it with an Amorphage Pendulum Monster from your Deck. Now rather than your Pendulums Tributing off your monsters, you can destroy them instead to just find more cards. This accelerates your game plan by filling your Extra Deck, all while allowing you to find whatever Amorphage best suits your needs at that time.

Once you factor in the ATK and DEF boosts from all of these cards, you can make your Amorphages even more resilient to being destroyed by battle and much better at winning you the game. This is great considering your Amorphage monsters will cut your opponent off from Special Summoning from the Extra Deck, so the stronger they are the better.

Do you want to get in on all of the crazy Amorphage shenanigans? Shining Victories hits shelves on May 6th!