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The Dark Illusion: The Dark Magician Never Reveals His Secrets

July 26th, 2016

Dark Magician has always been the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense, and the upcoming release of new Dark Magician support cards will make Decks built around him more powerful than ever before. Two new cards in The Dark IllusionEbon High Magician and Magical Something – expand the ability of Dark Magician Decks to Xyz Summon big monsters.

2800DEFComesUpALotLatelyEbon High Magician is a new Rank 7 monster available in The Dark Illusion. You can Xyz Summon it by combining any 2 Level 7 Spellcasters.

Since Dark Magician is a Level 7 DARK Spellcaster, you’ll typically Summon Ebon High Magician by combining him with another Level 7 Spellcaster. There are lots of cards that make it easy to Summon 2 Level 7 Spellcasters to the field. Magician’s Navigation, for example, can Special Summon one Dark Magician from your hand and another Level 7 Spellcaster from your Deck at the same time. Magician of Dark Illusion is a Level 7 Spellcaster with the ability to Special Summon a Dark Magician to the field to join it. Play them both in either order and you’re ready to Xyz Summon!

Ebon High Magician
is a cool card that will be tricky for your opponent to play around. While it’s face-up on your field, you can activate Quick-Play Spell Cards and Trap Cards from your hand during your opponent’s turn as long as you detach 1 Xyz Material each time you do it. Activating Spell and Trap Cards from your hand during your opponent’s turn will make it difficult for your opponent to anticipate each of your moves and impossible for them to destroy your Trap Cards ahead of time!

In addition, if Ebon High Magician is destroyed by battle or by an opponent’s card effect and sent to the Graveyard after you Xyz Summon it, you can Special Summon a DARK Spellcaster from your hand or Deck and then destroy a card on the field. When your opponent takes down your Ebon High Magician, Special Summon Dark Magician, Dark Magician of Chaos, Dark Magician Girl, or another personal favorite, and then take down your opponent’s most troubling card.

Magical Something
– the promotional card that Duelists will receive for participating in the Sneak Peek for The Dark Illusion – can help you Summon Ebon High Magician, and can be Special Summoned with Ebon High Magician’s effect.

Magical Something is a Level 4 DARK Spellcaster that gains a Spell Counter each time a Spell Card is activated. Magical Something then gains a Level for each Spell Counter on it. With three Spell Counters on it, Magical Something becomes a Level 7 Spellcaster, perfect for Xyz Summoning Ebon High Magician. By increasing Magical Something’s Level with Spell Counters, you can have it help fulfill the requirement for just about any Xyz Summon or Synchro Summon.

Plus, Magical Something also has an effect lets you remove 3 Spell Counters from it once per turn to Set a Quick-Play Spell Card from your Graveyard to your Spell & Trap Card Zone. Activating Spell Cards to add Spell Counters to Magical Something is easy, thanks to the prevalence of Pendulum Spells and card-drawing Spells like Upstart Goblin, Pot of Duality, and Card of Demise. You can trade in three of those Spell Counters to reuse powerful Quick-Play Spell Cards like Emergency Teleport, Twin Twisters, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Dark Magic Expanded.

Ebon High Magician
and Magical Something give a big boost to Duelists wielding Spellcaster Decks. You can get your hands on them for the first time at the upcoming The Dark Illusion Sneak Peek this weekend!