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Planetary Alignment

August 11th, 2016

Sticking with Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, today’s Dragons of Legend: Unleashed previews come from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. The GX manga told a wildly different story of Jaden and his time at Duel Academy, one with much deeper ties to the original manga than its animated counterpart. It’s absolutely worth reading so we won’t spoil the overarching plot, but we will tell you that there are 10 massive monsters based on our solar system play a big role. Half of those cards have already been released: The Supremacy Sun, Splendid Venus, Elemental HERO Terra Firma, The Big Saturn, and The Tyrant Neptune. Dragons of Legend: Unleashed introduces the remaining 5!

The Tripper Mercury forces your opponent’s monsters into Attack Position when she’s Tribute Summoned and can attack twice during each Battle Phase. 2000 ATK normally won’t get it done, but if you’re willing to Tribute 3 monsters instead of 2, every monster that exists on your opponent’s side of the field loses all of its original ATK for as long as Mercury is on the field. That also applies to any monster they play afterwards. A 2000 ATK monster that attacks twice is suddenly a whole lot better when all the enemy monsters have 0 ATK.

One strategy for using Mercury would be giving your opponent 0 ATK Tokens, switching them to Attack Position and swinging over them to inflict damage. In addition to cards like Ojama Trio, you could also use the more recent Mithra the Thunder Vassal to both give yourself a monster to Tribute and your opponent a Token for Mercury to beat up.


The Blazing Mars is a constant threat to your opponent’s Life Points. If it’s in your hand or Graveyard, you can banish 3 other monsters from your Graveyard to Summon The Blazing Mars. You can’t Special Summon any other monsters for the rest of the turn after your do this, but that just means you have to do all your other Summoning first and then add The Blazing Mars to your field afterwards. You can also use Mars as a finisher by sending all other monsters you control to the Graveyard to deal 500 damage to your opponent for each.

This card works best in strategies that load up the Graveyard with monsters very quickly like Lightsworn or Zombies. A midgame situation in which you Summon Judgment Dragon to clear the board and attack for 3000 can quickly turn into game over with The Blazing Mars if you have any way to Summon a 1400 ATK or higher monster after the Judgment Dragon wipe. On the Zombie side of things, The Blazing Mars can banish multiple Shiranui at the same time from your Graveyard to trigger their effects or move them around to set up your other abilities. It can also set up high damage output situations with Shiranui Shogunsaga to help you end Duels more quickly.

The Grand Jupiter
is a Warrior-Type monster that crafts weapons out of your opponent’s monsters. Once per turn you can discard 2 cards to target one of your opponent’s monsters and change it into an Equip Spell that boosts Jupiter by the original ATK of that monster. And if you want to use an equipped monster’s effects for yourself, you can change one of Jupiter’s Equip Spells back into a monster and Special Summon it during your End Phase.

Jupiter’s main hurdle is the high cost of using its ability. You can counteract this by playing lots of cards that can use their effects in the Graveyard or cards that multiply themselves. Thunder Dragon, for example can be discarded to get 2 Thunder Dragons from the Deck, which effectively reduces Jupiter’s cost. Discarding Ojamagic gets you a big pile of cards to toss for multiple activations of Jupiter’s effect. Edea the Heavenly Squire, Eidos the Underworld Squire, Landrobe the Rock Vassal, and Garum the Storm Vassal are also useful here as cards to help you set up a Summon and cards with effects that work in the Graveyard.

The Despair Uranus
lets your opponent pick their poison when you Tribute Summon it while you have no Spell/Trap Cards on the field. They choose either Continuous Spell or Continuous Trap and you get to Set 1 card of that Type directly from your Deck to your field. The key to this effect is that while your opponent gets a choice, both choices are really bad for them. No one in their right mind would choose to let you Set Vanity’s Emptiness straight from your Deck, especially because The Despair Uranus powers up by 300 ATK for each face-up Spell/Trap you control AND protects them from being destroyed by all card effects. So the opponent is pretty much forced into calling Spell and letting you grab something like Brilliant Fusion or Return of the Monarchs instead, which opens up a whole different can of hurt.

There are over 500 different Continuous Spell and Trap Cards available, so you can easily spend a lot of time over at the Card Database looking for great cards to Set and protect with The Despair Uranus!


Finally, The Suppression Pluto rounds out the group with one of the strangest but potentially most devastating effects ever printed. Once per turn you can try to guess 1 of the cards in your opponent’s hand. You then get to look at their hand and if they have the card you named you take permanent control of any monster your opponent controls, or destroy one of their Spell/Traps and Set it to your side of the field. There’s no penalty for guessing incorrectly and you always get to look at the opponent’s hand, so there’s pretty much no reason not to use this effect whenever possible.

The Suppression Pluto works well with cards that let you peek at your opponent’s hand or Deck. Collaboration with The Dark Illusion’s SPYRAL cards is certainly possible, as you can use SPYRAL GEAR – Drone to rearrange your opponent’s Deck to give them an unplayable draw, then name that card with Pluto on your own turn. You’ll also want to use cards like Mind Crush to get rid of anything you find and don’t want your opponent to have anymore. Pluto and The Grand Jupiter don’t necessarily need to be Tribute Summoned to use their effects, so Mausoleum of the Emperor is an option to get them to the field faster and without having to use up your other monsters.

It’s been 8 years since Elemental HERO Terra Firma was first released, and in just over a week the collection of Legendary Planet cards will finally be complete! Dragons of Legend: Unleashed launches on August 19th.