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Legendary Decks II: Blue-Eyes or Nothing

October 4th, 2016

Some people never change, and Seto Kaiba is one of them. The original Yu-Gi-Oh! series could have run for eternity and Kaiba would always be finding new ways to Summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragons quickly and repeatedly, stopping only to gloat or deliver sick burns, sometimes both.

Kaiba’s contribution to Legendary Decks II is packed with Blue-Eyes White Dragons, cards that Summon Blue-Eyes White Dragons, and Extra Deck monsters that can be Summoned using, you guessed it, Blue-Eyes White Dragons!


There are two basic types of Blue-Eyes Summoning cards in the Deck: ones that Summon Blue-Eyes straight from the Deck, and ones that Summon it from your hand if you’ve drawn it. If you’re Tribute Summoning Blue-Eyes White Dragon, something has gone wrong.


Of course, there are also multiple ways to add Blue-Eyes White Dragon to the hand to make sure that either method of Special Summoning will work for you.

There’s not a lot of nuance to Kaiba’s strategy. It’s just big monsters attacking you constantly until you lose with very little in the way of tricks or Traps. In the show, Kaiba is the only person on the planet with usable Blue-Eyes White Dragons and he never lets anyone forget it, not even for a moment. One of the key goals with Kaiba’s Deck was to make sure that anyone looking at it could see exactly how proud of himself Kaiba is.


With a total focus on the dragons, completely ignoring the rest of Kaiba’s strategies like XYZ-Dragon Cannon or his Virus combos, this Deck identifies the real distinguishing traits of Kaiba: pride, love, and obsession. If the original series went long enough, eventually it would get to the point where all of Kaiba’s cards were focused on Summoning Blue-Eyes White Dragon, or monsters that can be created using Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

While Kaiba was very often the villain and was never able to truly beat Yugi, his dedication to Dueling was second to none. He built holographic projectors and Duel Robots, coded a program to translate the Hieratic text of The Winged Dragon of Ra and discover its hidden abilities. He even built an entire theme park and at least one jet in the image of his favorite monster! With the Kaiba + Blue-Eyes Deck from Legendary Decks II, you’ll be able to experience the power of playing with Blue-Eyes White Dragon for yourself. Look for it this Friday, October 7th!