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Magnet Warriors Pull it Together!

October 18th, 2016

Imagine the surprise of viewers everywhere when the innocuous Magnet Warriors Yugi had been using as basic attackers, defenders, and Tributes turned out to be the parts of the mighty Valkyrion the Magna Warrior! The Magnet Warriors were a constant presence in Yugi’s Deck throughout Battle City and beyond, and now they’re finally getting their own modern revamp in Structure Deck – Yugi Muto!

The Electromagnet Warriors are all Level 3 EARTH Rock-Type monsters. They each have an ability to attract each other, or their ultimate combined form, to your hand or field if your Normal or Special Summon them. Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior Summons a Magnet Warrior from your hand, Beta the Electromagnet Warrior adds an Electromagnet Warrior from your Deck to your hand, and Alpha the Electromagnet Warrior adds a “Magna Warrior” from your Deck to your hand. That can be either Valkyrion the Magna Warrior or the new Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior!


Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior is Special Summoned from your hand by banishing the Electromagnet versions of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma from your hand, field, or Graveyard and it has a Dark Armed Dragon-style destructive effect. In this case, you banish Magnet Warriors to destroy cards your opponent controls as opposed to DARK monsters. There’s no limit to how many times you can do this each turn provided you have enough Magnet Warriors in your Graveyard, so a big part of the strategy is making sure you get all the monsters you need to the Graveyard. If Berserkion is destroyed by battle or by your opponent’s card effect while it’s in your possession you can Special Summon 1 each of your banished Alpha, Beta, and Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior. That line about possession is key because cards that you’re attempting to Summon are considered in your possession, so a Solemn Strike will just pre-emptively split Berserkion back up into the Electromagnet Warriors.

To help load up your Graveyard, the Electromagnet Warriors can Tribute themselves to Summon the Level 4 Magnet Warriors from your Deck during your opponent’s turn. Any surviving Magnet Warriors make great Xyz or Synchro Material on your own turn. There are a lot of good Synchro and Xyz Monsters that require you to use EARTH or Rock-Type monsters as Xyz Material, and the Magnet Warriors can take advantage of them all! Take Gorgonic Guardian for example: it drains the ATK and effect of a monster during either player’s turn, but you have to Summon it with 2 Level 3 Rock-Type monsters. If you’re having trouble keeping 2 monsters at the same time, you can even use Sentry Soldier of Stone in combination with any of the Electromagnet Warriors!

The Field Spell Magnetic Field can revive a Magnet Warrior every turn as long as you control a Level 4 or lower EARTH Rock-Type monster, making sure you can keep rolling with more searches from your Electromagnet Warriors. It also lets your EARTH Rock-Type monsters pretend to be Neo-Spacian Grand Mole once per turn, bouncing an enemy monster they were unable to defeat in battle back to the hand at the end of the Damage Step.


You don’t actually have to play with the original Magnet Warriors or Valkyrion if you don’t want to, though it’s advisable to play at least 1 copy of each of the originals to Summon with your Electromagnet Warriors. If you do decide to go all-out and play with everything, however, you can fuse Berserkion and Valkyrion together to form Imperion Magnum the Superconductive Battlebot! Imperion Magnum has 4000 ATK and DEF and can negate the activation of 1 opposing Spell/Trap Card or monster effect every turn and destroy that card. If it leaves the field because of your opponent’s card effect, you can Summon another copy of Berserkion and Valkyrion straight from your hand or Deck! The Fusion Materials don’t have to be on the field for the Fusion Summon, so if you can just Summon Alpha the Electromagnet Warrior twice, you’ll have the monsters you need!

Structure Deck – Yugi Muto and Structure Deck – Seto Kaiba will launch this Friday, October 21st!