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Raging Tempest: A Shiver Up Your Spine

January 26th, 2017

Raging Tempest has a ton of high-impact cards, but there are a few that may catch you off-guard if you don’t take the time to really think them through. Overlook today’s preview cards and they’ll chill you to the bone.

The Windwitches are exactly what you’d expect them to be based on their name: WIND-Attribute Spellcasters.  The lynchpin of the Windwitch strategy is Windwitch – Ice Bell.  Starting with just one Windwitch – Ice Bell, you can initiate a simple sequence of plays to dominate the field!  Start off with Windwitch – Ice Bell, using her effect when you control no monsters to Special Summon herself from your hand alongside another Windwitch from your Deck.  If you Special Summon Ice Bell from your hand with her effect, you can’t Special Summon monsters from your Extra Deck except for Level 5 or higher WIND monsters, but that’s the plan anyways so the restriction doesn’t matter.  (Windwitch – Ice Bell also inflicts 500 damage to your opponent in a new Chain afterward, but that’s just icing on the cake.)

There are 2 other Windwitch monsters in the Main Deck you could Summon with Windwitch – Ice Bell’s effect.  Of those two, you want to Special Summon Windwitch  – Glass Bell.  She’s a Level 4 Tuner that, when Normal or Special Summoned, lets you add a “Windwitch” monster that’s not Glass Bell from your Deck to your hand.  Now, you could pick another Ice Bell to give yourself insurance against field wipes, or you could go for a huge power play and add the third Windwitch…

Windwitch – Snow Bell
is a Level 1 Tuner that you can Special Summon from your hand if you control 2 or more WIND monsters and no non-WIND monsters.  A WIND Synchro Monster that used Snow Bell as a Synchro Material can’t be destroyed by the opponent’s card effects.  If you have an Windwitch – Ice Bell and a Windwitch – Glass Bell on the field and no other monsters, you’ve already met Snow Bell’s Special Summon requirement!

So in one turn turn, you’ve Special Summoned 3 monsters with two of them being Tuners, so we can perform some Synchro Summons.  Windwitch – Ice Bell plus Windwitch – Glass Bell add up to Level 7, and the Synchro Monster has to be WIND thanks to Windwitch – Ice Bell and Windwitch – Glass Bell’s effects from before, so we can Synchro Summon, let’s say, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, leaving us with a Level 7 Synchro and a Level 1 Tuner.  Hey… that sounds like a great way to Synchro Summon the incredibly powerful Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon!  If we do so, this Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon can’t be destroyed by enemy card effects.

To recap: starting with only Windwitch – Ice Bell, we’ve Summoned a Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon that can’t be destroyed by the opponent’s card effects.  Seems good.

Now, in case you don’t want to Synchro Summon Clear Wing, there’s a new option for Level 7 WIND Synchro Monsters that also happens to be a Windwitch.  Windwitch – Winter Bell is the Synchro Monster of the group that lets you do each of the following effects once per turn.  You can target a Windwitch in your Graveyard and burn your opponent for 200 x the target’s Level, and during either player’s Battle Phase, you can Special Summon a monster from your hand with a Level equal to or less than a Windwitch you control, but it can’t attack this turn.  Both of these abilities work well if you target a Windwitch – Winter Bell, either in your Graveyard for 1400 damage or the one on the field to Summon a Level 7 or lower monster.  Between Winter Bell and Windwitch – Ice Bell’s damage effect, it’s very possible to freezer-burn your opponent with card effects on top of the damage-dealing potential of the Synchro Monsters you’re Summoning with Ice Bell’s effects.

You can get your mitts on the Windwitches in Raging Tempest starting at the Sneak Peek on February 4th and 5th!

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