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How Do The Invoked Work?

February 24th, 2017

The upcoming Fusion Enforcers booster set contains lots of cool Fusion strategies for Duelists to explore. Each of those strategies is powerful and unique. The Invoked theme is so unique that it isn’t even a Deck theme – it’s an Extra Deck theme! The only monster you have to put in your Main Deck to play with the Invoked monsters is the common Fusion Material to all of them: Aleister the Invoker.




 Aleister the Invoker is a Level 4 DARK Spellcaster that is required to Summon (or “invoke”) all of the “Invoked” Fusion Monsters. Aleister can fuse with a monster of any Attribute to Summon an “Invoked” Fusion Monster specific to the Attribute of the monster with which it fused.

Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a DARK monster to Summon Invoked Caliga.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a WIND monster to Summon Invoked Raidjin.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a WATER monster to Summon Invoked Cocytus.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a FIRE monster to Summon Invoked Purgatrio.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with an EARTH monster to Summon Invoked Magellanica.




Fuse Aleister the Invoker with a LIGHT monster to Summon Invoked Mechaba.




If you fuse an Invoked monster with another monster that was Summoned from the Extra Deck, you can Fusion Summon the ultimate Invoked monster, Invoked Elysium.




Aleister is not only a critical element for every Fusion Summon of an “Invoked” monster, but it also has an incredible effect that pulls together the Invoked theme. First, during either player’s turn, you can send Aleister from your hand to the Graveyard to increase the ATK and DEF of a Fusion Monster you control by 1000 until the end of the turn. This will help your Invoked monsters win battles or give your Invoked monsters to push they need to finish off your opponent. Second, if Aleister the Invoker is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up, you can add one Invocation from your Deck to your hand.


Invocation is a Normal Spell Card that works as a Fusion facilitator for the Invoked theme. Invocation lets you Fusion Summon an “Invoked” Fusion Monster by banishing monsters from your field and/or either player’s Graveyard as Fusion Materials. It’s a lot like Miracle Fusion for the Invoked, but also grants you access to your opponent’s Graveyard to look for Fusion Materials. For added versatility, Invocation also lets you use the monsters in your hand as Fusion Materials to Fusion Summon a monster, if the need arises.

As an added bonus, if Invocation is in your Graveyard, you can shuffle it from your Graveyard back into your Deck to add a banished Aleister the Invoker to your hand. By repeatedly recycling Aleister the Invoker and Invocation, you’ll never run out of opportunities to Fusion Summon Invoked monsters.




Aleister the Invoker, Invocation, and the Invoked Fusion Monsters are all you really need to effectively use the new “Invoked” engine in your Deck. Nevertheless, Fusion Enforcers also contains three more powerful cards that give the Invoked theme a boost.

Magical Meltdown is a Field Spell Card that lets you add Aleister the Invoker to your hand when you activate it. While it’s on the field, Magical Meltdown protects your Fusion Summons by preventing cards from negating the effects or activations of your cards that Fusion Summon, and by stopping your opponent’s cards and effects from activating when you Fusion Summon a monster




The Book of the Law is a Quick-Play Spell Card that lets you Tribute an Invoked monster to Special Summon an Invoked monster from your Extra Deck with a different original Attribute than the Tributed monster’s Attribute. You can use The Book of the Law to swap whichever Invoked monster you have on the field with the Invoked monster that you need most for the current situation.




Finally, the Omega Summon Trap Card lets you target any number of banished Invoked monsters with different names and Special Summon them to the field in Defense Position. Use Omega Summon to return several of your different Invoked monsters to your field at once.




The Invoked cards are easy to use and extremely powerful. You can try them out when Fusion Enforcers launches on February 24th!

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