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Fusion Enforcers is Now Available!

February 24th, 2017

Fusion Enforcers is here! Before you start attaching who-knows-what to Aleister the Invoker or unleashing the Frigtfur Kraken, there’s one notable card name-non change to report.

Diffusion Wave-Motion has been given the additional rules text (This card is not treated as a “Fusion” card.)

This text is not an effect, and it cannot be negated. Having it allows us to to remove the unsightly “except “Diffusion Wave-Motion” from cards that care about “Fusion” cards. Why not simply change the name to not include the word “fusion”? For the same reason that Summoned Skull and Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast received a bit of rules text instead of having their names changed: they’re memorable cards from the original series.

The anime series are a very important part of Yu-Gi-Oh! as a whole. They’re how most Duelists discover Yu-Gi-Oh! to begin with, and the source of many Duelists’ favorite cards. Without them, the game we all love wouldn’t exist. The original series, in particular, was written long before caring about specific words in the names of cards became a regular and important thing. Sometimes, new developments in either the game itself, the current anime, or both, necessitates that a certain older card either work with or not work with a new card based on its name.

When that card is a card from one of the anime series, especially if it’s used by, say, Yugi, we usually err on the side of keeping its original name, or, as in the case of Muko from earlier this month, making the change to ensure it matches the name used in the anime. In this case, Diffusion Wave-Motion was the final blow in one of the most memorable Duels from all of Battle City, so giving it the rules text was a no-brainer.

With that out of the way, feel free to fuse things to other things to your heart’s content!