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Light’s Revenge: Blow Out Traps

June 26th, 2017

Battles of Legend – Light’s Revenge – is giving a ton of reprints to cards you’ll want for any number of strategies. Today’s focus will be on the Trap Cards, and we’ll start things off with a card that rose substantially in popularity which makes it so hard to find for most Duelists – until now!


If you’re looking for a way to fight against powerful Spell Cards, this is the card you’re looking for. It’s right there in the name! With its ability to slow down Spell-focused Decks, while completely shutting down Pendulum strategies, Anti-Spell Fragrance is stronger than even Imperial Order in many matchups!

Anti-Spell Fragrance has never been printed in a proper Booster Pack. It first was released as a promo with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny PC game in 2003, fourteen years ago! It later made appearances in some Champion Packs, Turbo Packs, OTS Tournament Packs, and even in Duel Terminal. Finally, Anti-Spell Fragrance will be easily obtainable for anyone.

Anti-Spell Fragrance works great in the Side Deck for many strategies, since it’s a surefire way to hurt Pendulums and some other Decks. You can also play it in the Main Deck in any strategy that uses few Spell Cards, such as Paleozoics. It’s also strong paired with cards that work against face-down Spell & Trap Cards, like Twin Twisters and Denko Sekka, to prevent your opponent from even playing their spells.


This Trap is like a mini Dimensional Fissure, banishing all monsters headed to the Graveyard, but only during the turn it’s activated. Often, just a single turn of this effect is enough to stop a deadly combo and turn things in your favor. Since cards like Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos are Continuous, it usually requires a special kind of Deck to use them – one that can do without a Graveyard entirely, which is unusual these days. Different Dimension Ground is a lot easier to work with in that regard. Even Graveyard-focused Decks can use Different Dimension Ground for one turn, then get their Graveyard back online on the next.

The trick is to spring Different Dimension Ground in response to an opponent’s card, like That Grass Looks Greener or Shaddoll Fusion. Their card will be wasted, and they’ll be forced to resolve it as much as possible, so you’ll also banish some of their cards. You can also use Different Dimension Ground preemptively, so cards that must be sent to the Graveyard won’t be able to activate since their cost can’t be paid. This shuts down Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Effect Veiler, and more.

Different Dimension Ground is notable not only because it’s a strong card against the Graveyard. We actually haven’t seen this card anywhere except its original printing way back in 2010’s Starstrike Blast! Now that we’ll be seeing it in Light’s Revenge, Duelists can experiment with it more.


The final Trap Card we’ll look at today is Artifact Sanctum. Originally found in Primal Origin in 2014, this card has helped the Artifact monsters make their way into all kinds of Decks. Duelists have been playing Artifact Sanctum with Artifact Moralltach, Artifact Scythe, and Artifact Lancea, in many strategies, so they’ve got a way to simultaneously summon a strong monster and use its effect to get out of a variety of situations.

You get all that just by playing Artifact Sanctum the normal way – we haven’t even gotten to how it punishes your opponent for destroying it, by letting you destroy another card on the field. For example, if they make the mistake of using Twin Twisters on your Sanctum, you can activate it to Special Summon an Artifact monster AND you’ll get to destroy a card when Sanctum is destroyed.

We just saw the release of another useful monster, Artifact Vajra, in Maximum Crisis. In fact, Artifact Sanctum and Artifact Vajra make a great combo with Anti-Spell Fragrance!

You can pick up these awesome traps and much more when Battles of Legend – Light’s Revenge –   releases July 7th, just in time for the North American World Championship Qualifier!