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Legendary Duelists: Mai Valentine’s Amazoness

September 7th, 2017

Legendary Duelists features three of Yugi Moto’s opponents from Duelist Kingdom.  One of them, Mai Valentine, appeared throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! story as a rival to both Yugi and his best friend Joey Wheeler.  The cards Mai is most known for are the Harpie Ladies, but her Deck also contains a tribe of fierce warrior women: the Amazoness!  Legendary Duelists brings four new Amazoness cards, fleshing out an already resilient strategy!


Let’s start with the two new monsters: Amazoness Princess and Amazoness Baby Tiger.  These are smaller versions of Amazoness Queen and Amazoness Tiger respectively.  Amazoness Baby Tiger starts small, packing only 500 ATK and DEF, but it gains 100 ATK for each Amazoness card in your GY.  If your opponent destroys Baby Tiger, that’s only the start of the battle since Amazoness Baby Tiger can Special Summon itself from the hand or the GY once per turn if another Amazoness monster is Normal or Special Summoned.  Amazoness Baby Tiger’s name counts as Amazoness Tiger while on the field and in the GY, which will matter in the future, but also can conflict with the original Amazoness Tiger since one of Tiger’s effects is that you can only control 1 Amazoness Tiger at a time, so be careful if you’re playing with both cats.


Amazoness Princess’s name counts as Amazoness Queen while she’s on the field or in the GY, which doesn’t matter right now, but could matter later on!  When Princess is Normal or Special Summoned, you can add any Spell/Trap with “Amazoness” in its name from Deck to hand.  There are a few to pick from, but your first pick is either the new Quick-Play Spell Amazoness Call (which we’ll talk about in a little bit) or the Field Spell Amazoness Village which gives your Amazoness an additional 200 ATK and DEF and once per turn replaces your fallen Amazoness monsters when they’re destroyed by battle or card effect.  Princess’s other effect is what packs the real punch: when she declares an attack, you can send a card from your hand or field to the GY to Special Summon any Amazoness monster (except another Amazoness Princess) from your Deck in Defense Position!  Notice the effect doesn’t say “Level 4 or lower”, so the original Amazoness Queen is a great pick since Queen’s effect protects all Amazoness you control from being destroyed by battle!


Amazoness Call is a Quick-Play Spell that lets you add any Amazoness card from your Deck to your hand, or send any Amazoness card from the Deck to the GY.  If copies 2 through 4 of Reinforcements of the Army wasn’t attractive enough, Amazoness Call also has a potentially game-ending effect that activates from the GY.  You can banish it from the GY to give one of your Amazoness the ability to attack all of your opponent’s monsters once each in exchange for all of your other monsters giving up their attacks.  Using this on a powered-up Amazoness Queen can catch an opponent off-guard and wipe out the rest of the Life Points in a single Battle Phase!


Amazoness Onslaught, on the other hand, is one of the best controlling effects in the Amazoness arsenal.  It has 2 effects which revolve around battle.  One per turn, during the Battle Phase, you can Special Summon an Amazoness monster from your hand and give it 500 additional ATK until the end of the turn, which is good for defending your LP from attacks in a pinch or sneaking another monster into play during your Battle Phase for an another monster attack.  Amazoness Onslaught’s second effect lets you banish any monster that an Amazoness monster you control battles with.  This type of removal is incredible and shouldn’t be overlooked, and a clever opponent will want to destroy Amazoness Onslaught as soon as possible, which is fine because that will trigger its final effect!  If Amazoness Onslaught is destroyed by a card effect (even yours) and send to the GY, you can Special Summon an Amazoness monster from your GY!  To recap: Amazoness Onslaught is a Continuous Trap that is Marauding Captain, D.D. Warrior Lady and Monster Reborn all in one.  This is definitely a card that Mai Valentine would’ve included in her Deck if given the chance!

You can get your own copies of these Amazoness cards in Legendary Duelists starting on September 8th!

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