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Legendary Duelists: Mako Tsunami’s Sea Stealth

September 7th, 2017

Legendary Duelists, the Booster Pack that highlights some of the most iconic Duelists from Duelist Kingdom and beyond, is on the horizon! Today we’ll focus on Yugi’s second foe, the master of the waves: Mako Tsunami! Several of Mako’s signature WATER cards are seeing new forms here, like the long awaited The Legendary Fisherman II!


Mako’s The Legendary Fisherman was his most cherished card, representing his long lost father – it’s easy to see, since the Fisherman looks so much like a grizzled old Mako. We saw The Legendary Fisherman III in Dimension of Chaos a while back, and now we’ve finally got #2 to play with. It has many of the same characteristics of the first Fisherman, but improved in pretty much every way!

The Legendary Fisherman has always been a really cool card, but it’s never been easy to use. It’s an 1850 ATK monster that requires a Tribute, which is already kinda rough. Being unaffected by spell effects is fantastic, but it means even if you use A Legendary Ocean to play your Fisherman, you don’t get the ATK boost. And finally, it’s pretty sweet that it can’t be attacked, but it’s less sweet when your opponent can just attack you directly by swimming over your Fisherman. With all this in mind, it’s been something of a challenge to use The Legendary Fisherman effectively in a Mako-themed Deck or any WATER strategies. This is where The Legendary Fisherman II comes in, totally revamping the original Fisherman’s abilities to make them work together with your other cards!

First, Fisherman II starts at 2200 ATK, so he’s already gained a lot of strength since we first saw him fifteen years ago! Fisherman II is also unaffected by monster effects with Umi in play, instead of spells like the original. Now you can use A Legendary Ocean to play him at 2400 ATK and no Tribute! Finally, if your face-up Fisherman II is ever destroyed by battle or leaves the field due to an opponent’s card effect while under your control (that includes being banished or going to your hand!), it will dive into your Deck and net a Level 7 WATER monster! You’ll add that monster to your hand – note that there are no other limitations on what you can search for.

You could, of course, search out The Legendary Fisherman III to really scare your opponent. There are tons of other aquatic monsters to hook, like the many Level 7 Mermails, or Poseidra, the Atlantean Dragon. There’s the devastating Levia Dragon – Daedalus, or the controlling abilities of Fog King or Medium of the Ice Barrier. You could even get the terrifying Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth and show just how freaky some Fish can be.

There’s one new Level 7 monster you’ll also want to look at – Mako’s classic Fortress Whale! Wait, no, that’s not right. Fortress Whale is a Level 7 Ritual Monster with no effects. We need better, tougher – we need a Citadel Whale!


Citadel Whale shares the same stats as its cousin Fortress Whale, but is a regular Effect Monster instead of a Ritual Monster. That makes it way easier to get into play – you can even use A Legendary Ocean here as well to make Citadel just need one Tribute.

Citadel Whale has three fantastic effects. Let’s start with what it can do while you’ve got it in play. Once each turn, if your opponent activates a card or effect that targets exactly one WATER monster of yours, Citadel Whale can open fire to negate and destroy your opponent’s card!

If you have Citadel Whale in your hand or Graveyard, you can use its other effect. By simply Tributing two WATER monsters, you can Special Summon it! Getting two WATER monsters on the field is pretty easy if you’re using Deep Sea Diva or King Coelacanth. Citadel’s protective effect makes it tough to get rid of, and then you can simply revive it with this effect!

Whether you’re using its built-in effect or another card, Citadel Whale’s third effect activates when it is Special Summoned. At that time, you can search your Deck for a copy of Sea Stealth Attack and Set it directly on the field!


Relive the moment in Battle City when Mako used The Legendary Fisherman to battle Joey’s Panther Warrior! With Sea Stealth Attack you have some new ways to defend your cards and wipe out your opponent’s cards, the same way Mako would have his cards hide under the waves until the opportune moment.

When you initially activate Sea Stealth Attack, you’ll get to play a copy of Umi directly from your hand or Graveyard – and as always, you can substitute A Legendary Ocean, Lemuria, the Forgotten City, or Pacifis, the Phantasm City. As long as you control Umi or one of its variants, Sea Stealth Attack has two effects.

First, you can banish one of your WATER monsters until the End Phase. By doing that, you’ll protect all of your face-up Spell & Trap Cards from destruction from opposing card effects, for the rest of the turn. This defends your Umi, as well as Sea Stealth Attack itself. You can use the ability to banish your own monster to dodge effects like Dark Hole or Quaking Mirror Force, too.

Sea Stealth Attack is just as good on offense as defense! During the Damage Step, if you have a WATER monster with an original Level of 5 or more battling, you can automatically destroy the opposing monster! Since it goes by the original Level, you don’t have to worry about conflicts with A Legendary Ocean.

Mako’s final card in Legendary Duelists is a throwback to one of the most iconic moments of Duelist Kingdom. Mako knew, perhaps more than any other Duelist in the competition, how to take advantage of the unique field power bonuses offered by his locale. When he had his Kairyu-Shin hide underwater, then blast away with a tidal force to leave Yugi with just a speck of land for his monsters, we all thought Yugi was done for. Although Yugi managed to win (Thanks to his decision to Attack the Moon!), Mako’s strategy was still something else. Now, you too can wield that power with the Rage of Kairyu-Shin!


This Quick-Play Spell can only be played with Umi on the field. You’ll count up how many WATER monsters you control with original Levels 5 or higher. Then, you’ll target up to that many opposing monsters. The opponent’s monsters will be destroyed, washed away by anger of the very ocean itself. Then, those Monster Zones which were just occupied will all be unavailable until the end of the next turn. They’ll have to wait for low tide!

Whether you’re interested in a classic character Deck, you want to revitalize an existing Deck, or you’re looking for a new WATER strategy, Mako’s new Legendary Duelists cards are a great fit for anyone. Legendary Duelists hits stores September 8th!

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