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Circuit Break: Leveling the Playing Field

October 10th, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where your opponent Summons a bunch of monsters in one turn, leaving you scrambling to catch up? Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of a rough Battle Phase where all of your monsters were destroyed? In either case, today’s preview card will help you to bridge the gap when your opponent gets too far away, giving you an easy way to get back in the game and put the hurt on your opponent all at once!


Evenly Matched is a Trap Card that serves as a great way to catch up to your opponent in a Duel. At the end of the Battle Phase, you can activate Evenly Matched to force your opponent to banish cards face-down from their field until they control the same number as you! Your opponent is able to choose which cards they would like to banish, but they will still finish with the same number of cards as you. Since Evenly Matched will resolve while you control it, your opponent will usually end up keeping at least one card. The easiest way to use this is during your opponent’s Battle Phase, after they’ve attacked and destroyed your monsters, instantly evening out the playing field. On top of that, since your opponent chooses cards to banish, it doesn’t target or destroy cards, getting around lots of pesky effects that could otherwise stop you in your tracks! Of course you can use this while you control a few cards, but your opponent can choose to keep their best cards, which makes Evenly Matched less effective. The important thing to remember is that you can only activate this at the end of the Battle Phase, so you’ll need to actually survive the Battle Phase in order to play this, or play it on your own Battle Phase instead.

Being able to have your opponent banish most of their field face-down already sounds too good to be true, but it gets even better – if you control no cards, you can activate Evenly Matched from your hand! This means that you can activate Evenly Matched on your first turn if you go second and banish most of your opponent’s cards! The surprise factor of playing this without any warning is a huge draw to Evenly Matched, and one of the reasons it’s so powerful. Of course, you’ll give up your Battle Phase if you play it right away, but it’s a great way to equalize if your opponent creates a field that you can’t favourably attack into. It also means your opponent has to be wary about committing too many cards to the field if you don’t have any cards in play. Activating Evenly Matched from your hand will result in your opponent only getting to keep one card, so they won’t want to play too many cards and risk losing them all. Once your opponent has seen you activate the first copy, they probably won’t blunder into it a second time – use this to your advantage, and capitalise while your opponent isn’t confident!

You’ll get the most use out of Evenly Matched right at the start of the Duel, provided you go second of course. By disrupting your opponent’s first turn and making it easier to catch up, you’ll be able to act out your plans quickly and effectively. The only downside to using Evenly Matched is skipping your Battle Phase, which isn’t a big downside. After all, if you have to use a card like Evenly Matched to remove your opponent’s threats, you likely couldn’t attack easily anyway! If your Deck struggles to take care of powerful first turn boards, then Evenly Matched will be exactly the Trap Card you’re looking for to even the odds.

Whether you’re looking for an easy out to first turn boards, or simply a panic button that gets you back into the game, Evenly Matched gives you a one-card answer you can use at any time to instantly level the playing field! Check out Evenly Matched and more at your local Circuit Break Sneak Peek, October 14th-15th!

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