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Circuit Break: The War Continues…

October 13th, 2017

The Vendread cards first released in Code of the Duelist gave rise to a brand-new theme of Ritual Monsters unlike any other! Code of the Duelist introduced the first Vendread Ritual Monster – Revendread Slayer – which feeds off of the effects of the monsters Tributed to Ritual Summon it. Now there’s a whole new slew of Vendread cards about to be released in Circuit Break!

The Vendread cards in Code of the Duelist were powerful, but there wasn’t enough of them to build a complete Vendread Deck. Revendread Origin from Code of the Duelist is the Ritual Spell Card at the core of the Vendread strategy, while supporting cards like Vendread Reorigin, Vendread Houndhorde, and Vendread Revenants in Code of the Duelist made it easier to Summon the Revendread Slayer ace monster. Circuit Break introduces a new Vendread Spell, Trap, Effect Monster, and Ritual Monster to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, making Vendreads more powerful than ever before!

Vendread Chimera from Circuit Break gives Vendread Duelists a new boss monster.


Like Revendread Slayer, you Ritual Summon Vendread Chimera with Revendread Origin; but unlike Slayer, Chimera has a Quick Effect that lets you banish a Zombie from your Graveyard to negate the activation of a card that would destroy a card on the field and destroy that card. In addition, if it’s Tributed or banished for a Ritual Summon, all of your opponent’s monsters lose 500 ATK and DEF. Since Revendread Origin lets you banish Zombies from your Graveyard to pay for the Ritual Summon of a Vendread monster and lets you Ritual Summon monsters straight from the Graveyard, you can use it to easily Ritual Summon Chimera. Then, you can use Chimera’s protective abilities – and the enhancements you give it by Tributing other Vendread monsters – to keep it on the field for a long time.

Duelists may already be familiar with the Level 3 Vendread Houndhorde and Level 4 Vendread Revenants from Code of the Duelist, which enhance a Ritual Summoned Vendread monster with a Quick Effect that banishes a Spell/Trap Card once per turn and a Quick Effect that banishes a Special Summoned monster once per turn. Now, Circuit Break introduces the Level 2 Vendread Striges to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME with a completely new enhancing effect!


Vendread Striges lets you Special Summon it from your Graveyard by revealing a Vendread card from your hand if Striges is sent to the Graveyard. In addition, a Vendread monster that is Ritual Summoned using Striges as Tribute from the field gains an effect that lets you draw a card and then discard a card each time your Ritual Summoned Vendread battles an opponent’s monster.

Normally, a monster can only attack once each Battle Phase. That means a monster Ritual Summoned using Striges can generally only use its effect to draw a card and discard a card once per turn. But the incredible new Vendread Spell Card in Circuit Break changes that!


Vendread Nights is a Field Spell Card with a couple of awesome effects. First, when you use a Vendread monster to destroy an opponent’s monster by battle, you can banish a Vendread monster from your Graveyard to allow your monster to attack another monster. There’s no limit on how many times you can use this effect, so it can be used to attack over and over again with your Ritual Monster enhanced by Striges. That’ll let you repeatedly draw a card and discard a card. Discarding Vendreads fuels additional attacks and subsequent Ritual Summons. Even more impressively, Vendread Nights has another effect that lets you discard a card once per turn to add any Vendread monster from your Deck to your hand. This effect will help you put together the materials you need in your hand for your ideal Ritual Summon. Plus, it’ll help you fill up your Graveyard with discarded Vendread monsters to set up Ritual Summons using Revendread Origin.

Vendread Reunion is the new Vendread Trap Card in Circuit Break.


Vendread Reunion temporarily reunites your banished Vendread monsters onto your field, Summoning them back just long enough to Tribute them for the Ritual Summon of a Vendread monster in your hand. In addition to Summoning Revendread Slayer or Vendread Chimera to the field with a couple of effects enhancing it, Vendread Reunion will send the monsters you Special Summon from the Banished Zone and then Tribute back to the Graveyard. In the Graveyard, they can be used to facilitate other Ritual Summons with Revendread Origin.

Revendread Origin is one of the most powerful Ritual Spell Cards ever printed, and Vendread Duelists will be able to wield it more effectively than ever before after the release of the new Vendread cards in Circuit Break! You can try out the newly powered-up Vendread Deck after the Circuit Break hits shelves October 20th!

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