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Circuit Break: Next in Line

October 20th, 2017

Way back in 2006, Cyberdark Impact made zones matter. For the first time, it was important to choose your zones carefully, lest you end up on the receiving end of Blasting Fuse. With the introduction of Link Monsters and the newest rules regarding the Extra Monster Zones, zone-specific cards have never been so viable! Our Circuit Break preview for today will showcase two new cards which can strike at certain zones to leave your opponent guessing where it’s safe to play their cards!


C’mon, Cannon Soldier, don’t you remember what happened to you with Blasting Fuse? You should know better. Machines these days…

Fuse Line is an awesome new Trap Card with a very straightforward effect. You’ll Set it on the field, then have it blast any card in the same column! It’s like a more compact but much easier to activate Blasting Fuse.

The beauty of Fuse Line is the simplicity of it. There’s no activation costs – no Life Points, no discarding – just pinpoint destruction. No card is safe either, because Fuse Line can destroy monsters, spells, and traps. Use it at the End Phase to blast a freshly Set Trap Card before it can be activated, or take out a monster that’s about to attack, or destroy a Continuous card before it can resolve. The only thing Fuse Line can’t do is destroy Field Spells.

You’ll often want to put Fuse Line in your second or fourth column. That will line it up with the Extra Monster Zone, so you’ll be even more likely to have a juicy target to destroy. If you can Summon into one of the Extra Monster Zones first, then put Fuse Line in the other column, you’ll be the only one to control an Extra Deck monster!

One simple strategy is to place Fuse Line in the center column when the Duel starts. Just think, how often do you and your opponents simply place a monster in the middle of the field when the field is empty? It’s a standard move, and doing so can open up good Fuse Line opportunities.

Placing Fuse Line in the very far left or right column is very viable. Your opponent still could place a monster there, but you’re more interested in the Spell & Trap Zone. Since the far left and right zones double as Pendulum Zones, Fuse Line is in a perfect place to take out half their scales before they can Pendulum Summon, while you still can destroy a regular Spell/Trap or Monster if you get the chance.

Finally, you can use some cards to force your opponent to use certain zones! The classic Ground Collapse can lock out some Main Monster Zones, which will lead foes right into your trap! Strategically giving your opponent stuff with Ojama Trio or Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju also works, since you’re the one doing the Summoning and thus choosing what zone to place the cards in.

Our next card is very similar, but has its own distinct uses. Here’s Broken Line!


I’m not sure what the Batterymen were trying to accomplish, but I don’t think you’re supposed to mix different batteries anyway. Broken Line does exactly what you see here – it disrupts your opponent in the middle of the play and takes out one of the pieces. While you’ve got Broken Line Set, any time your opponent activates a monster effect or a Spell/Trap Card in the same column, Broken Line will negate that card and destroy it!

Broken Line is very similar to Fuse Line, but the two cards have strengths and weaknesses that they can cover for each other. For example, if your opponent Normal Summoned Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, you could flip Fuse Line to destroy Joker. Your opponent would probably be thrilled with that, because Joker had already done its job and now you have one less Trap Card. Use Broken Line in this situation, and you’re in a much better situation.

On the other hand, Broken Line can’t do anything to a monster not using effects on the field, such as Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow or True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher (whose effects activate in the hand or after it is destroyed). In this case, Broken Line can’t touch them, but Fuse Line is perfectly capable of destroying them.

Play a mix of Fuse Line and Broken Line, and maybe even mix in some Blasting Fuse. Your opponent will have no idea where to place their cards safely, and will spend way more time than they’re used to thinking about zone placement!

Broken Line and Fuse Line are, needless to say, a blast! Pick them up on October 20th when Circuit Break releases!

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