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Circuit Break: Watch Your Back

October 20th, 2017

SPYRALs have been mostly quiet on the competitive scene, but that’s about to change once Circuit Break releases! SPYRAL Double Helix is a brand new Link Monster for SPYRALs that might let SPYRALs play in the big leagues!


SPYRAL Double Helix is a Link 2 Monster that you can Link Summon with any 2 “SPYRAL” monsters. Double Helix might only have 1900 ATK, but packs 2 powerful effects that streamline the whole SPYRAL Deck! Firstly, SPYRAL Double Helix counts as SPYRAL Super Agent on the field or in the GY. This keeps the effects of your SPYRAL cards like SPYRAL Quik-Fix online, and also benefits nicely from both effects of SPYRAL Gear – Fully Armed! Double Helix also has an additional effect you can use once per turn, which keeps up the guesswork effects of the SPYRAL cards you’re used to. With this effect, you’ll guess the card type of the top card of your opponent’s Deck. A correct guess will allow you to take any “SPYRAL” monster from your Deck or GY, and either it to your hand or Special Summon it to one of the zones that Double Helix points to! Since it’s relevant to its effect, let’s take a look at SPYRAL Double Helix’s Link Arrows. With a Left and Down arrow, you’ll be able to Special Summon monsters whether it’s in the Extra Monster Zone, or whether you Special Summon it to a regular Monster Zone later. Special Summoning a monster like SPYRAL Gear – Drone allows you to Tribute it and free up that Monster Zone, allowing you to use it again next turn!

So how do you get SPYRAL Double Helix into play? The easiest way to do it will be with a combo you’re likely using already – SPYRAL Quik-Fix and Machine Duplication. This will let you search for 3 SPYRAL Gears and potentially get a SPYRAL monster from your Deck, as well as leave a Quik-Fix on the field for later! The other way is by Normal Summoning any SPYRAL and using Quik-Fix, SPYRAL Super Agent or SPYRAL Gear – Big Red to Summon another. It’s reasonably easy to get two monsters in play with SPYRALs, so you’ll never struggle to Summon Double Helix! Once you’ve got him in play, there’s a few great monsters to Special Summon. SPYRAL Super Agent obviously fits the bill, allowing you to destroy a Spell or Trap instantly as well as making sure your SPYRAL cards like SPYRAL Gear – Utility Wire stay online. Alternatively, Special Summon SPYRAL Master Plan and search SPYRAL Missions every turn! SPYRAL Tough helps you to destroy your opponent’s monsters, and is guaranteed to work since you know what your opponent’s top card is! You can also add SPYRAL Sleeper to your hand, a 2800 ATK powerhouse you can destroy tons of cards with and deal some serious damage by attacking afterwards!

SPYRAL Double Helix brings every part of the SPYRAL Deck together and allows you to perform each part of your SPYRAL strategy faster. With more Summoning and searching power than ever before, SPYRALs are poised to become an extremely powerful strategy with the release of Circuit Break, in stores now!

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