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Circuit Break: Sleeping Behemoth

October 24th, 2017

Just who is Subterror Fiendess? Where does her allegiance lie? She is seen battling against the Behemoths alongside the Subterror Nemeses in Subterror Final Battle, but she isn’t a Nemesis herself. Today’s Circuit Break showcase raises more questions, showing another side of Subterror Fiendess… as a Behemoth herself! Here she is, as Subterror Behemoth Fiendess!


Subterror Behemoth Fiendess is a Link Monster, making her the first Subterror to be found in the Extra Deck. Ironically, as a Link Monster she is also the only Subterror that can’t be face-down – don’t worry, she more than makes up for it. Additionally, Fiendess is the first Subterror to fit into multiple strategies, since she simply requires any two Flip Effect monsters as Link Materials.

Subterror Behemoth Fiendess starts with a nice 2000 ATK, and she’ll gain more ATK if you use Subterror monsters as her Link Materials – 100 ATK per their total Levels. With two Subterror Link Materials, she’ll never have less than 3000 ATK. If you’re feeling bold, you can get Fiendess as high as 4400 ATK with a pair of Subterror Behemoth Ultramafus!

This new form of Fiendess has two great effects which help load your Graveyard, build your field, and refresh your hand with new monsters. Its Ignition Effect allows you to, once per turn, send any Flip monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. If you do that, you’ll then have the option to Special Summon any monster from your hand face-down in one of the zones Fiendess is pointing to.

Next, Fiendess has a Trigger Effect that activates when a monster she points to gets flipped face-up. When that happens, you’ll get to add any Flip monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand! With her first effect loading the Graveyard, and the second loading your hand, Subterror Behemoth Fiendess is an obvious choice in any Flip Effect strategy.


The first choice, of course, is Subterrors. You’ll need to get two Subterror Behemoths on the field to Link Summon her – something that Subterror Duelists know can be an easy task. Simply use their effects to Special Summon them from the hand! Flip Summon them next turn, use their effects, and Link Summon. If you don’t want to wait a turn, speed things up by flipping your monsters with The Hidden City or Subterror Final Battle. You can also bring Behemoths to the field with the original Subterror Fiendess, Subterror Nemesis Warrior, and Subterror Nemesis Archer.

Once you’ve Link Summoned Subterror Behemoth Fiendess, it gets a little crazy. She’ll send Behemoths from your Deck to the Graveyard and simultaneously Special Summon a Subterror from your hand face-down. Since her Trigger Effect can activate multiple times, you can then go nuts with The Hidden City and Subterror Final Battle, getting a bunch more Flip monsters to your hand. My personal favorite combo is to flip up Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo multiple times. Put its Flip Effect as Chain Link 1, then Fiendess’s Trigger Effect as Chain Link 2. Fiendess will resolve first, adding any Behemoth to your hand, then Stalagmo will discard that Behemoth to draw two cards. Repeat as many times as possible using your Field Spell and Final Battle, and you’ll end up with a ton of cards out of nowhere!


Shaddolls are the most infamous group of Flip monsters (Well, if you don’t count the many Jars on the Forbidden List…), and they can use Subterror Behemoth Fiendess to great effect. Have Fiendess use her first effect to send a Shaddoll from the Deck to the Graveyard, and you’ll not only get to Special Summon a monster from your hand – the sent Shaddoll’s effect will also activate in the Graveyard! Using Fiendess’s second effect to add more Shaddolls to your hand will also come in handy when you’re aiming to perform multiple Fusion Summons. Finally, you can perform the same Stalagmo combo mentioned above, instead using the effect of Shaddoll Beast! Fiendess will put a Shaddoll in your hand, then Beast will discard it. You’ll draw two cards and trigger the effect of the discarded Shaddoll. If you’re having trouble getting Beast into play, Fiendess can Special Summon it from your hand.

The real trick will be to Link Summon Fiendess with Shaddolls. The strategy is known for fielding multiple Fusion Monsters, but not usually a bunch of their Flip monsters. Shaddoll Falco is an easy choice – its Flip Effect will bring another Shaddoll to the field, while its Graveyard effect will put itself on the field. Have Falco Special Summon another Shaddoll, then have Shaddoll Hound flip that card up as well, and you can Link Summon in the same turn. You can also incorporate Pendulum Monsters into Shaddolls, with Shaddoll Zefracore and Shaddoll Zefranaga. It’s no trouble to leverage a Pendulum Summon into the Link Summon of Subterror Behemoth Fiendess.

Subterror Behemoth Fiendess is a card that will find a place in any Flip Effect strategy, from Subterrors to Shaddolls, to anything else! Rumor has it there’s a new group of Flip Effect monsters in Circuit Break…but you’ll have to dig that up yourself. Circuit Break is on sale now!

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