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Spirit Warriors: Climate Control

November 15th, 2017

Spirit Warriors have a little something for everyone: the powerful Six Samurai, the cunning Magical Musketeers, and… the skilled artists?!  If you can believe it, one of the latest families of monsters can give you the power to paint your own portrait of victory: meet the Weather Painters!

The Weather Painters are all Fairy-Type monsters that can place Spell/Traps with “The Weather” in their names from your hand, Deck or GY into your Spell & Trap Zones.  Each monster does it a little bit differently than the others so pay careful attention to each one!  All of the Main Deck Weather Painter monsters have effects that Special Summon themselves in the next Standby Phase if they were banished to activate a “Weather Painter” card’s effects.  Now, on their own, the monsters don’t have any activated effects to take advantage of this, but that’s where the Spells and Traps come in!

All of the “The Weather” Spell and Traps grant additional effects to the Weather Painter monsters in the Main Monster Zone just above it and to the Main Monster Zones adjacent to that one.  Just like how strategically placing your Monsters on the field is important for Link Summoning, placing your Spells and Traps in the correct locations is vitally important in the Weather Painter strategy.


For instance, The Weather Snowy Canvas lets you banish a Weather Painter monster to add any “The Weather” card from Deck to hand as a Quick Effect!  This means you can Normal Summon a monster like The Weather Painter Snow, use its effect to place The Weather Snowy Canvas directly behind it, use the search effect by banishing Snow to search for the card of your choice, and in your opponent’s Standby Phase, you can Special Summon Snow back to the Zone directly above The Weather Snowy Canvas and use the effect during the opponent’s turn for yet another search!  This is an advantage you can quickly snowball into a flurry of Weather Painter monsters!


Or, if snow isn’t your thing, The Weather Painter Rain lets you place a “The Weather” Spell/Trap onto the field from your hand whenever it’s Special Summoned, and you’ll be doing a ton of that thanks to the Spell/Traps and the Weather Painters’ own effects to Special Summon themselves if they were banished for a “The Weather” effect.  This means you can sneak a The Weather Rainy Canvas onto the field during your opponent’s turn and use its effect: you can banish a Weather Painter monster to bounce an opponent’s Spell/Trap back to the hand.  This can clear the field of your opponent’s Trap cards like Solemn Strike or force their activation, clearing the way for your actual threats.

And speaking of threats, each of the Weather Painter monsters on their own represents a color of the rainbow.  Well, what if there was one monster that represented the rainbow itself!  Well, say hello to the Link 3 Link Monster The Weather Painter Rainbow! 


Rainbow needs 3 Weather Painter monsters to Link Summon it, and its arrows point down, down-left and down-right, which is perfect for putting Rainbow in an Extra Monster Zone, but is also right at home in a Main Monster Zone too since it shares the same Special Summon from banished effect the other Weather Painters have!  On the field, Rainbow has a built-in Summon negation effect, which we haven’t seen on a monster since Sauravis, the Ancient and Ascended, and while that’s a strong effect, you’ll want to keep Rainbow in your Extra Monster Zone as long as possible with as many Weather Painter monsters linked to it, because Rainbow grants an additional effect to the Weather Painters Rainbow is pointing to: if the opponent activates any card or effect, you can banish a Weather Painter to negate and destroy the card.  This type of effect made Gladiator Beast Heraklinos a force to be reckoned with for years (and is back again in Duel Links!), and paired with one-time Summon negation, Rainbow’s effect covers even more than Heraklinos ever could by himself!  Not only that, but because you’re banishing Weather Painters for a Weather Painter effect, they jump right back to the field next turn.  Under the threat of up to 3 negates per turn, you’ll really paint your opponent into a corner!

You can find The Weather Painters in Spirit Warriors, available at your local Official Tournament Store on November 16th, and everywhere else on November 17th!

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