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Extreme Force: Hello and Goodbye

January 24th, 2018

With Extreme Force coming soon, Duelists everywhere will get a chance to taste the power of one of the strongest Forbidden cards in all of Dueling! Giant Trunade has been Forbidden for so long, many Duelists these days may have never even encountered the card. From clearing back rows, combos with Premature Burial, and a non-destruction effect to dodge most protection, Giant Trunade was truly an extreme force in its heyday. Now you can tap into that power simply by calling its name: Hey, Trunade!


Hey, Trunade! has a simple effect, very similar to its original Forbidden form. When used, it will return all Set Spell & Trap Cards to the owners’ hands. Thus, it preserves the original spirit of Giant Trunade: safely clear away potentially dangerous Spells and Traps so you can safely make your plays, but leaving those cards available for the opponent to Set back on the field again next turn. It gives you a safe turn to do what you want, but allows the opponent the chance to bounce back from it (if you didn’t already finish them off!). At least, that was the spirit of Giant Trunade before all the combo fiends out there discovered the craziness they could pull off by bouncing their own cards to the hand!

Hey, Trunade! still allows you to clear out most of your opponent’s dangerous cards, or at least force them to activate those cards at an inopportune time. Common threats like Solemn Warning, Solemn Strike, the various Mirror Force cards, Torrential Tribute, or Lost Wind are just a few examples of cards you can neutralize with a simple call of “Hey, Trunade!”!

Forcing an early activation can be just as useful.  Trickstar Reincarnation is an example of a card that’s great to force out. They’ll have to either activate Reincarnation in response to Hey, Trunade! so it can get in the Graveyard for its other effect, or they’ll let it go back to their hand and need to wait longer. This makes Hey, Trunade! a safe way to prevent or delay the Trickstar Reincarnation + Droll & Lock Bird combo.

Hey, Trunade! is also one of the best ways to play out of a Set Rotation that has locked you down with a Field Spell you can’t activate, like Oracle of Zefra when you have no Zefra in your Deck. Set Rotation is so commonly used to shut down Decks that rely on their Field Spell. Using Hey, Trunade!, you can clear away the face-down Field Spell you were given while also paving the way for your comeback. Set Rotation was Limited not too long ago, but it’s still important to remember this interaction.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trunade if there wasn’t at least one brutal combo. This one used to work with the original Giant Trunade, and still can do its thing here: Anti-Spell Fragrance! Use the Fragrance to force your opponent to Set all their Spells for a turn, then flip up the Hey, Trunade! you already had Set and put them back yet another turn! With Anti-Spell Fragrance being such a strong choice in many matchups anyway, you don’t even need to go out of your way to put this combo together. Simply include Anti-Spell Fragrance and Hey, Trunade! in your Main and/or Side Decks where they’ll each be strong cards on their own.

Even if Hey, Trunade! is just sampling the abilities of the original Giant Trunade, it’s still clearly a strong card. It’s a no-nonsense way to bounce away Spells and Traps – what else needs to be said? Look for it at the Extreme Force Sneak Peek on January 27th and 28th!

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