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Extreme Force: Reinforcements Arrive…

January 25th, 2018

The Extreme Force Sneak Peek is this weekend, so it’s time to check out some of the new Vendread cards you’ll find in the set! We’ve slowly seen the ranks of the Vendread increase over the last two sets, but Extreme Force there’s a new card of each Main Deck type for Vendread this time around: an Effect Monster, a Ritual Monster, a Spell Card and a Trap Card.


Vendread Core is only a Level 1 Monster, but it has a great effect that’ll help out a lot in a Vendread Deck. Firstly, since it’s a Level 1, you can combine it and Vendread Chimera to Ritual Summon Revendread Slayer exactly, and if you use it from the field you’ll get some great upside! If you use Vendread Core for a Ritual Summon from the field, the Ritual Summoned monster can’t be targeted by your opponent’s card effects. Protection against targeted removal is always great, and the Core’s other effect makes it easy to have whenever you need it. If Vendread Core is in your Graveyard, you can banish any Zombie monster from your Graveyard to Special Summon Vendread Core! It’s banished when it leaves the field after being Summoned this way, but the Core will offer plenty of protection which makes up for it being banished.


The next Vendread card is a Ritual Monster, and it’ll ensure your plans will go off without a hitch! Vendread Battlelord is a Level 7 Ritual Monster with 2700 ATK, with an effect that lets you do exactly what you want without worrying about your opponent’s cards! You can banish a “Vendread” monster from your GY and declare a card type, and stop your opponent from activating any of the chosen card type’s effects for the rest of the turn! If you’re worried about pesky monster effects activating from your opponent’s hand, simply banish a Vendread, declare monster effects and go about your business! You can do the same for face-down Spells and Traps – banish a couple of monsters and shut them off for the turn! If your Battlelord is sent to the GY after being Ritual Summoned, you can add any Ritual Monster from your Deck to your hand, then send any “Vendread” from your Deck to the GY! Note that this can grab you any Ritual Monster, not just Vendread monsters! The best part is that it doesn’t just replace itself – it also sends an additional Vendread to the GY, thinning your Deck and putting your monsters exactly where you want them.


The next two cards help you set up your combos easily and give you more ways to get exactly the right cards you need. Vendread Charge allows you to send any Zombie monster in your hand or on your field to the GY, to Special Summon any “Vendread” monster from your Deck. Vendread Charge is a Quick-Play Spell, so you can use it any time you like. This allows you to grab whichever non-Ritual monster you need from your Deck, to use as on-field for its effect! Since you’ll be able to use the monster you discard either to Ritual Summon or banish for a Ritual Summon, you’ll get a lot of power from Vendread Charge! Vendread Revolution is a Trap Card that allows you to trade a card in your hand for the ability to Special Summon a “Vendread” monster from your GY in Defense Position, and add any Ritual Spell Card from your GY to your hand. This is another way to get a monster onto the field to gain its bonus Ritual Material effect, as well as grab back the Ritual Spell you need to Ritual Summon! Since it’s a Trap, you’ll usually have to wait until your next turn to get the full value out of it – you won’t want to Summon the monster on your opponent’s turn if you’re trying to set up a specific Vendread for a Ritual Summon. You’ll get even more value out of Vendread Revolution in the Graveyard – you can banish to shuffle 5 banished Zombie monsters into your Deck and draw one card. You can even return Shiranui monsters to your Deck to banish again for their effects!

Vendread Decks are about to go through a revolution – a Vendread Revolution – when Extreme Force is released! Check out the new Vendread cards at the Extreme Force Sneak Peek this weekend!

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