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Extreme Force: Take Your Medicine

January 31st, 2018

Fun Dinosaur Facts!

Up until Extreme Force there were fifteen Dinosaur-types of Level 7 or higher.

Of those fifteen monsters, five had 3000 ATK or more.

Ten of them had the kinds of stats and effects we’d consider “boss monster” power levels.

And not one of them had the word “negate” anywhere in their text.

…Until now.


Behold the Dinosaur monster that may usher in a new era of Cretaceous control: Overtex Qoatlus.

With 2700 ATK, our new clawed overlord wields an effect that can shut down your opponent’s whole game plan: once per turn, when they activate a Spell or Trap Card, you can destroy a Dinosaur in your hand or on your field to negate that activation and destroy the card.  Overtex Qoatlus packs a mean punch with its massive Attack Points, and it forces your opponent to sacrifice a spell or trap ever turn, or just give up on them entirely.

The catch?  You can’t Normal Summon or Set Overtex Qoatlus.  Instead, you have to Special Summon it from your hand by shuffling five of your banished Dinosaurs back into your Main Deck.

That means you can put a lot of power on the table without using your Normal Summon.  But how do you banish that many Dinosaurs?  It’s actually pretty easy.


Ultimate Conductor Tyranno’s the most popular boss-level Dinosaur in tournaments today, and you Special Summon it from your hand by banishing two Dinosaurs from your Graveyard.  Unleashing Ultimate Conductor gets you almost halfway to Overtex Qoatlus.

Miscellaneousaurus has an ability that lets you banish ANY number of Dinosaurs from your Graveyard along with Miscellaneousaurus itself, to Special Summon a Dinosaur from your Deck with a Level equal to the total number of monsters you banished.  That’s usually played for small stuff like Jurrac Aeolo, but you can go bigger and Overtex Qoatlus makes that more worthwhile.

Finally, you can revive Fairy Tail – Snow by banishing any seven cards from your Graveyard.  Snow isn’t a common pick in most Dinosaur Decks, but we’ve seen some 60-Card Dinosaur strategies in recent tournaments.  Fairy Tail – Snow’s a must-run in those Decks. Even disruption like Bottomless Trap Hole can potentially make Summoning Overtex Qoatlus even easier.

So there are lots of ways to Special Summon Overtex Qoatlus with its effect.  That’s the good news.  But the awesome news is that you can also cheat it into play straight from your Deck with one of the best Dinosaur cards in the game.


Double Evolution Pill is a Spell Card that lets you banish one Dinosaur and one non-Dinosaur from your hand and/or Graveyard to Special Summon a Level 7 or higher Dinosaur from your hand or Deck.  It’s cool because it ignores Summoning conditions, so even though Overtex Qoatlus says it “Must be Special Summoned…” with its effect, you can Summon it with Double Evolution Pill.

That’s fantastic because you get to Summon Overtex Qoatlus way faster.  But Double Evolution Pill also banishes another Dinosaur, so you can Summon another Overtex later.  And Overtex Qoatlus has one final ability: if it’s sent to the Graveyard by a card effect you can search your deck for an “Evolution Pill” spell.

That’s right: if you Double Evolution Pill for your first Overtex Qoatlus and your opponent destroys it with something like Dark Hole, Raigeki, or SPYRAL Sleeper, you’ll just search another Double Evolution Pill and Summon another one.

Overtex Qoatlus has spectacular synergy with Miscellaneousaurus and Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, and it makes Double Evolution Pill even more useful.  It brings a stunning control effect to the Dinosaur arsenal, along with more muscle and the potential to recycle your best cards.  It hits fast and hard, but it also messes with your opponent’s plans by negating cards, and it gives Dinosaurs more longevity.

It’s a dominating addition to Dinosaur Decks across the board, and you can find it in Extreme Force.

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