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Flames of Destruction: The Other Half

May 3rd, 2018

Flames of Destruction is just around the corner! It’s time to introduce the cover monster, an incredible new Cyberse Link Monster with the power to wipe out a ton of cards and deal massive damage, and it fits into any Extra Deck. Here it is, the awesome Topologic Trisbaena!


You can Link Summon Topologic Trisbaena using any three Effect Monsters. That’s great news – you can play Trisbaena in nearly any strategy! It’s easy enough to play using regular monsters, and can use any Link 2 monster to upgrade and use less Link Materials. Two of Trisbaena’s Link Arrows point down to the left and right on your own field, and one points to your opponent’s side. Sometimes that’s a bit risky, but in this case it plays perfectly into Trisbaena’s effect.

Topologic Trisbaena shares some similarities with its predecessor, Topologic Bomber Dragon. Bomber Dragon’s ability wiped out all monsters on the field, while Trisbaena takes care of the other half, Spell and Trap Cards! First, a monster needs to be Special Summoned to a zone that Trisbaena points to. Trisbaena will banish that monster, then also banish as many Spell & Trap Cards on the field as possible! Finally, Trisbaena will inflict 500 damage to your opponent for each of their own cards that were banished by this effect. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Topologic Trisbaena is very strong against all of the top strategies right now. Pendulum Decks like Magicians, Metalfoes, or Zefra don’t like seeing their cards banished, keeping their Pendulum Monsters out of the Extra Deck. True Draco Spells and Traps don’t trigger if they’re banished, keeping the True Draco player from getting any advantage from them. The most devastating is the Paleozoic matchup – by banishing all their Traps, Trisbaena might end the Duel on its own if it can avoid Toadally Awesome!

Trisbaena’s effect is so easy to use that there are too many ways to to list, but here are a few common ways to use it in the average Deck. First of all, there’s the Kaiju monsters! Since you’re the one performing the Special Summon of a Kaiju from your hand, you get to pick what zone it goes to. Not only will this trigger Trisbaena’s effect – you’ll also get rid of any of your opponent’s monsters by Tributing it for the Kaiju! If you have multiple Kaiju in your hand, you could keep doing this and subsequently banishing them with Trisbaena until your opponent has nothing left. Plus, since your opponent controlled the Kaiju when it was banished, they’ll take 500 extra damage from Trisbaena. As an alternative to Kaiju, use Grinder Golem, banishing it with Trisbaena, and use the Grinder Tokens for further plays.

Perhaps the most likely way you’ll play Topologic Trisbaena is with Scapegoat. Use Scapegoat in your opponent’s End Phase to get four Sheep Tokens, and you’re ready to go! Use two of the tokens for Missus Radiant, then another one for Linkuriboh. Use your two Link Monsters to play Topologic Trisbaena, then Tribute the last Sheep Token to Special Summon Linkuriboh and trigger Trisbaena’s effect! For just a single card (Scapegoat) you’ve banished all Spells and Traps and fielded a 2500 ATK monster! This combo is also extremely flexible so it can fit into any strategy. The above variant uses only two Extra Deck slots (plus Trisbaena itself), but it can be modified to use different numbers of Link Spider/Linkuriboh and Underclock Taker if your Deck can utilize those better.

Clearing your opponent’s Spells and Traps on their own turn is always better, of course. PSY-Framegear Gamma, Artifact Sanctum, Scapegoat, Trickstar Lycoris, Back to the Front, any Paleozoic in your Graveyard, and Super Team Buddy Force Unite! are a few ways you can trigger Trisbaena on your opponent’s turn. This way, you can banish their Set Trap Cards before they can be activated on your turn. You can also do this to banish cards like Dragonic Diagram or Pendulums in the back row before your opponent can use them.

Topologic Trisbaena is an amazing Link Monster you should expect to see a lot over the coming months! With easy Link Materials, an awesome effect, and high ATK, it’s a triple threat! Get yours in Flames of Destruction, out Friday!

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