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Flames of Destruction: The Finish Line

May 9th, 2018

The F.A. monsters came out of the gates blazing in Code of the Duelist as a theme with only a few race-car-related monsters and Spells.  As the race went on, more cars entered the fray and in Flames of Destruction, we get 5 new F.A. cards that will tie everything together as we cross the finish line!


First off is F.A. Dark Dragster which is a DARK Machine instead of being WIND like the other F.A. monsters.  While it can’t be Normal Summoned or Set, it can be easily Special Summoned just by having a Level 7 or higher F.A. monster anywhere on the field as long as you don’t control another F.A. Dark Dragster.  It starts at 0 ATK and gains 300 ATK times its Level, and it increases its Level by 1 whenever an F.A Spell/Trap is activated, which are all standard F.A. monster effects.  What makes F.A. Dark Dragster special is that you can reduce this card’s Level by 3 and destroy a card on the field once per turn.  Because its ATK and Level are tied together, this means you can adjust Dark Dragster’s ATK at will, which is important if you remember that Dark Dragster is DARK.  If you want to put Virus Trap Cards like Grinning Grave Virus or Full Force Virus into your F.A. Deck, Dark Dragster lets you get there.


On the other side of the coin, F.A. Dawn Dragster is a Level 7 LIGHT Machine Synchro Monster.  It shares nearly identical stats and effects with F.A. Dark Dragster except Dawn Dragster has piercing and can reduce its level by 2 to negate the activation of an opponent’s Spell/Trap card or effect.  With both out, you can control the opponent’s actions and field with ease, which is important if you’re hoping for the checkered flag…


… because the Continuous Spell F.A. Winners depends on your F.A. monsters attaining a high Level and inflicting battle damage to your opponent.  When an F.A. monster you control that has a Level at least 5 higher than its original Level battles an opponent’s monster and deals battle damage, you can banish a card from your hand, field or GY.  The F.A. theme doesn’t have the tools to interact directly with banished cards, but you want to use F.A. Winners to banish the three F.A. Field Spell cards: F.A. Circuit Grand Prix, F.A. City Grand Prix, and F.A. Off-Road Grand Prix.  If you manage to banish each of the F.A. Field Spells with this effect and all 3 Field Spells stay banished by this effect, you’ll automatically win the Duel!  It’s a lot of hoops to jump through but it will force your opponent to deal with F.A. Winners instead of your monsters, which is what you want.


And to help your monsters get their Levels high enough for F.A. Winners to take effect, there are 2 Trap Cards waiting for you in the pit stop.  F.A. Dead Heat is a Continuous Trap Card that lets you Special Summon any F.A. monster from your Deck when your opponent declares a direct attack.  It also has a high risk / high reward effect; before damage calculation, both you and your opponent can roll a 6-sided die.  If you win the die roll, your battling F.A. monster gains 4 Levels until the end of the turn (for most of the F.A. monsters, this is the same as gaining 1200 ATK).  But if you lose the die roll, your F.A. monster is destroyed.  (If the die roll is tied, re-roll).  The one good thing about losing the die roll is that your monster is destroyed before damage calculation, so you won’t take any damage from the battle, and if it was your opponent’s monster that attacked yours, your opponent can’t pick a new attack target since a Replay can’t occur in the Damage Step.


Lastly, F.A. Overheat can Special Summon an F.A. monster from your hand and increase its Level by 3 if only your opponent controls a monster.  If F.A. Overheat is in your GY and you don’t control a Field Spell you can banish F.A. Overheat to activate an F.A. Field Spell from your hand or GY.  You can activate this effect even during the turn it was sent to the GY, and you can even activate this effect during the Battle Phase where you can activate F.A. Circuit Grand Prix or F.A. City Grand Prix when your opponent declares an attack to give your F.A. monsters an addition 2 Levels during the Battle Phase, which can give you the unexpected edge in battle you need to take the lead!

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