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Dark Saviors: Vampire Vengeance

May 24th, 2018

Dark Saviors is bringing awesome new members to the ranks of the Vampire nobility! Today, we’ll be talking about the Main Deck monsters that give the strategy new un-life! All of the new Dark Saviors Vampire cards will work great together, and can be played with the older Vampire cards such as the ones found in Shadow Specters.


Vampire Familiar and Vampire Retainer give added consistency to the Vampire strategy. If either of them is in your Graveyard, you can send a Vampire monster from your hand or field to the Graveyard to Special Summon it, but banish it when it leaves the field. Plus, any time you Special Summon Familiar or Retainer, you can pay 500 Life Points to add a card from your Deck to your hand. Familiar will add a Vampire monster, while Retainer will get a Vampire Spell/Trap Card.

Using Familiar and Retainer will put you ahead in cards – you trade one Vampire for Familiar/Retainer, then get another card of your choice from the Deck. Plus, you’ve put a Vampire in the Graveyard to further use – Vampire Sorcerer and Vampire Grace are good choices.

One of the best things about Vampire Familiar is that you can search out a high Level Vampire whenever you want, and immediately Tribute the Familiar to play it! Try it out on the new Vampire Scarlet Scourge!


Whenever you Normal or Special Summon Vampire Scarlet Scourge, you can pay 1000 Life Points. If you do, you’ll get to Special Summon another Vampire of your choice (except another Scarlet Scourge) from your Graveyard. The newly Summoned monster won’t be able to attack, but it can use all of its effects! Scarlet Scourge can Special Summon Vampire Familiar and Vampire Retainer from the Graveyard and trigger their effects, for example.

Scarlet Scourge has another ability as well. As a noble Vampire, the Scourge is able to convert other monsters to your control! Any monster that Scarlet Scourge destroys in battle, you get to Special Summon at the end of the Battle Phase! Between Scarlet Scourge’s two effects, you’ll have a full field in no time.

The final card of the day is another high Level Vampire, and one with more than one way to recruit opposing monsters!


Vampire Red Baron packs one of the strongest abilities in Dueling – the ability to take control of an opponent’s monster, directly from the field! At the cost of 1000 Life Points, you can have Red Baron switch control of one opponent’s monster and one of your other Vampires. That’s a simple task, since you can easily Special Summon Vampire Familiar and Vampire Retainer from the Graveyard. You can also have Scarlet Scourge Special Summon Red Baron from the Graveyard, then immediately trade away Scarlet Scourge for something else.

And just like Scarlet Scourge, Red Baron is able to Special Summon any monsters it destroys in battle. You could use this to take another card from your opponent, or you could attack the Vampire you just gave your opponent and Special Summon it right back to your own side of the field.

These Main Deck monsters from Dark Saviors give Vampires a big boost, offering both an increase in consistency and Summoning power, but there is even more lurking in the shadows! Stay tuned for a look at the newest Vampire Extra Deck Monster, as well as some Spells and Traps to support the strategy!


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