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Dark Saviors: Savor the Shadows

May 25th, 2018

We introduced the newest Vampires from Dark Saviors yesterday, but that’s not even half of them! Today we’ll look at even more new Vampire cards that are sure to make you bloodthirsty!


Dhampir Vampire Sheridan is a Rank 6 Xyz Monster, so you can play it using the other Dark Saviors cards Vampire Scarlet Scourge and Vampire Red Baron, as well as the older cards Vampire Grace and Vampire’s Curse. The Xyz Materials can be any monsters, however – Sheridan will be able to fit into any Deck that needs a Rank 6 monster, and with effects as good as these you’ll definitely want to consider him.

Before we get into the effects, it’s important to know that Dhampir Vampire Sheridan is even easier to Special Summon in some strategies – you may not even need a Level 6 Xyz Material! As long as you’re using a monster that is owned by your opponent, you can treat that card as Level 6 for the Xyz Summon of Dhampir Vampire Sheridan. By using the effects of Scarlet Scourge and Red Baron, you can Xyz Summon Sheridan using one or two opposing monsters, even with mismatched Levels! Outside of a Vampire Deck, cards like Borreload Dragon can also take control of monsters and bring Sheridan into play.

So what does Dhampir Vampire Sheridan do that’s so great? He’s got two powerful effects which work together or independently of each other. First, once per turn you’re able to detach an Xyz Material to send any one card from your opponent’s field to the Graveyard. This is basically a no-strings-attached removal effect, and since it doesn’t destroy you can get around a lot of protection effects.

Second, once per turn if an opponent’s monster(s) goes from the field to the Graveyard (either by a card effect or battle), you can detach an Xyz Material from Sheridan to Special Summon one of those monsters.

The big play here is to send a powerful monster to the Graveyard with Sheridan’s first effect, then Special Summon that card with the second effect. That’s going to be what you do with Sheridan much of the time, but it’s important to remember that each effect works independently. For example, you could use Sheridan’s second effect during your turn when you destroy a monster in battle, then use the same effect again on your opponent’s turn after you destroy something with a Trap Card.

Our first Spell Card will help assist in playing Dhampir Vampire Sheridan in a few different ways.


With Vampire’s Desire, you get two unique options. First, you can pick one of your Vampires on the field, then send a Vampire from your Deck (with a different Level than the first one) to the Graveyard. The first Vampire’s Level becomes the second one’s Level. You’ll primarily use this to get a Level 6 monster for Dhampir Vampire Sheridan. You can Special Summon Vampire Retainer with its own effect, adding Vampire’s Desire to your hand. Use Desire to send any Level 6 Vampire to the Graveyard and make Retainer Level 6. You’re already halfway to playing Sheridan and you haven’t given up any total cards.

The second option for Desire is to Special Summon a Vampire monster from your Graveyard, sending another monster you control to the Graveyard in the process. The monster you send doesn’t have to be a Vampire – it’s best if you send something nice you stole with Vampire Red Baron. You can also use this effect of Desires to make use of Retainer or Familiar after you’ve Special Summoned them for their search effect.


Vampire’s Domain offers a way to rush the field from the hand, as opposed to the usual Graveyard moves. For just 500 Life Points , you’ll get an extra Normal Summon for a Vampire monster. You can use this to get a high Level monster into play, or just to throw out multiple smaller cards for their effects.

Arguably more important is the second effect of Vampire’s Domain. Whenever one of your Vampires deals battle damage to your opponent, you’ll gain that much Life Points! It’s pretty helpful considering all the Life Points you’re paying for these many Vampire effects.

On to the Trap Cards, there’s two you should be watching for. Say “good morning” to Vampire Awakening!


Vampire Awakening is a simple card with a powerful effect. You get to Special Summon a Vampire from your Deck, but it’s destroyed in the End Phase. This is an incredibly versatile effect! You can get Familiar or Retainer to search for another card. You can get Scarlet Scourge and Special Summon a second monster from the Graveyard. Get a big monster like Red Baron to defend your Life Points.

And the part where the monster is destroyed? Just use that monster to Special Summon a Familiar or Retainer from your Graveyard! Use the monster for the second effect of Vampire’s Desire! You can even trade away the monster with Red Baron, and it will still be destroyed in the End Phase! Or, use Vampire Awakening to get Red Baron from the Deck, then have it trade a different monster. Now you can use Red Baron and the monster you took to play Dhampir Vampire Sheridan!

The final card we have is one that certainly lives up to its name. Here’s Vampire Domination!


If you control a Vampire when your opponent uses a Spell, Trap, or monster effect, you can flip this Counter Trap to negate and destroy that card. Then, if you destroyed a monster you’ll gain Life Points equal to the destroyed monster’s ATK! With such a multitude of ways to Special Summon Vampires in this strategy, you should be able to have Vampire Domination online with ease.

Vampires are looking to be an exciting strategy with all this new blood. You can count on it. I stake my reputation on it. Sink your teeth into these new cards when Dark Saviors releases on Friday!

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