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Stardust Overdrive: Archlord Kristya

November 18th, 2009

You probably know about cards that prevent players from being able to Special Summon. “Royal Oppression” is one example. Now imagine if “Royal Oppression” grew arms and legs, and had 2800 ATK to beat down cards like “Stardust Dragon.”

That sounds a lot like “Archlord Kristya.” This new monster from Stardust Overdrive can be Special Summoned from your hand if you have exactly 4 Fairy-Type monsters in your Graveyard. Or you can Tribute Summon it, or Special Summon it with other card effects. Once Kristya is on the field, no further monsters can be Special Summoned.


Stunningly Effective

If you want to use “Archlord Kristya’s” built-in Special Summon, you need to have exactly four Fairy-Type monsters in your Graveyard. This is easy to do if you construct your Deck with this goal in mind. (The main thing to remember is that if you want to Special Summon your own monsters, try and get it out of the way BEFORE you Special Summon Kristya!)

Cards like “Shining Angel” and “Nova Summoner” are good ways to load up your Graveyard in preparation for Kristya, since they can Special Summon more monsters when destroyed by battle. These cards can all search each other out, and you’ll find your Graveyard growing larger and larger every turn. Once you hit exactly four Fairies in your Graveyard, Special Summon other useful cards like “Honest” instead. Then can then use “Honest’s” effect to place it safely in your hand before you Special Summon “Archlord Kristya.”

We need you in that Graveyard!
We need you in that Graveyard!

But Wait! There’s More!

Kristya has other special abilities as well. If you Special Summon Archlord Kristya” with its built-in effect, you can add a Fairy-Type monster from your Graveyard back to your hand.

Also, if Kristya would be sent from the field to the Graveyard, it goes back on top of your Deck instead. Then you can draw it again next turn. And remember that fourth Fairy that you took from your Graveyard and put back in your hand? If you can get it back into the Graveyard, you can Summon Kristya and start the whole cycle over again! If your opponent had to waste a valuable card like “Smashing Ground” or “Mirror Force” to destroy Kristya the first time, will they have another way to do it a second time?

“Archlord Kristya” has no restrictions on Summoning it. So even if you don’t have the 4 Fairies in your Graveyard to use its built-in Summoning effect, you can still play it any number of ways. You could Tribute Summon it. You could put it in your Graveyard with “Foolish Burial” and Special Summon it with “Call of the Haunted.” You could even Special Summon it with “Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen.”

In any of the above situations, you don’t get to add a Fairy from your Graveyard to your hand; you only get this effect if you use Kristya’s built-in Summon. However, Kristya will still prevent other Special Summons from happening. And Kristya will still return to the top of your Deck whenever it would be sent to the Graveyard.

“Archlord Kristya” is a fantastic card. All you need to do is build the right Deck to use it with.