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Relentless Revenge: Strike Gold

July 12th, 2018

The Seal of Orichalcos was, for a long time, one of the most requested cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series to be made into an actual card for the TRADING CARD GAME.  Given the card’s ridiculous power level and importance in the plot of the Waking the Dragon’s story arc, the demand for this card was the highest until it was finally released.  But the Seal wasn’t the only powerful Field Spell in the animated series: in the very next story arc, we saw another Field Spell that caused all sorts of problems for Yugi Moto.  Presenting one of the most powerful Field Spells from the animated series: Golden Castle of Stromberg! 


In the animated series, Zigfried Von Schroeder modified the Golden Castle of Stromberg to be nearly unstoppable and also be a computer virus that would infect all of Kaiba Corporation’s computer systems, but our version is still very powerful (and with 100% less computer viruses!).  During each of your Standby Phases, you have to banish the top 10 cards of your Deck face-down.  You have to do this if you have 10 cards in your Deck; you can’t choose not to do this.  However, if you have less than 10 cards in your Deck, the Golden Castle of Stromberg will be destroyed instead.  For such a steep price, the benefits you get in return are worth it!  Once per turn, by giving up your Normal Summon, you can Special Summon any monster whose text specifically mentioned Golden Castle of Stromberg from the Deck, and there are plenty of good ones to pick from like Hexe Trude which can destroy a card and attack twice during each Battle Phase as long as you control the Golden Castle!


However, if you’re looking to go big and combo off, the mighty Golden Castle of Stromberg can immediately provide you two materials. By Special Summoning Iron Hans with Golden Castle’s effect, Iron Hans will trigger to Special Summon Iron Knight. There are several Rank 4 Xyz and Link 2 Monsters to choose from, but the most alluring is definitely Isolde, Tale of Two Noble Knights because both Iron Hans and Iron Knight are Warriors!

Glife the Phantom Bird and Terraforming both give you easy access to Golden Castle of Stromberg, giving you virtually nine ways to find it in your opening hand so you can consistently build around it. As you’re assembling an army of monsters from fairy tales, they’ll be protected from attacks from the castle’s other effect!  If the opponent declares an attack with any of their monsters, the Golden Castle of Stomberg will destroy their monsters and inflict damage equal to half of the monster’s ATK.  Without a way to deal with the Field Spell, your opponent’s attacks will be stopped in their tracks, allowing you to attack with your monsters and ensure your victory!

If you want the awesome power of the Golden Castle of Stromberg in your Deck, you can find it in Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge on sale now!