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Cybernetic Horizon: Stick the Landing

July 16th, 2018

Drawing cards is awesome. If you have more cards you can put together more combos, make bigger plays, and have a better chance at answering your opponent’s moves.

Some of the best strategies dominated in their time because they had effects that gathered more cards, either by searching them from the Deck or drawing them off the top.  Those kinds of effects are usually pretty rare, so when a draw card works in lots of different strategies it’s worth thinking about.  Pot of Greed was so powerful it was Forbidden, and Pot of Desires is so good that it’s become an equalizer for Decks that can afford to banish for it.  You can look at certain eras of competition and see which decks had a leg up, solely because they could run Desires.

The card we’re talking about today works in much the same way, bringing more draw power to a ton of different strategies.  Check out the all-new Pinpoint Landing.

This Continuous Spell Card’s effect is pretty simple: if exactly 1 monster is Special Summoned from the hand to your field you can draw 1 card.  You can only use that effect once per turn, and during your End Phase if you didn’t draw a card that way, you send Pinpoint Landing to the Graveyard.

Pinpoint Landing isn’t as fast as Pot of Desires: that card gets you two draws as soon as you activate it.  And Pinpoint requires a Special Summon to work, so you have to play it in a Deck that Special Summons from your hand consistently.  Otherwise it’ll just take up space in your hand.

But that’s not as rough as it might look: in the right strategy, you’ll activate Pinpoint Landing and score a free draw as soon as you see it.  From there you’ll have the chance to draw another card every turn, and hitting that Special Summon gets easier and easier because you keep raking in more cards.

The moment Pinpoint Landing hits the field your opponent needs to destroy it; if you draw even one card before they hit it with Cosmic Cyclone or Twin Twisters, your opponent’s down a card and Pinpoint’s already won you an advantage.  If they can’t get rid of it there’s a very real chance you’ll just keep drawing cards and overwhelm them.

So where can you run it?  Some of the biggest Decks from Cybernetic Horizon love this thing.


If you saw Pinpoint Landing and immediately thought “Hey, that works with Cyber Dragon” you’re on the right track: activate Pinpoint Landing, Special Summon the Zane Truesdale classic, and you draw a free card immediately.  But new cards like Cyber Dragon Vier and Cyber Revsystem can trigger the draw effect as well, helping you draw a free card every turn.

Ritual Monsters are a big part of Cybernetic Horizon with cards like Demise, Supreme King of Armageddon, Ruin, Supreme Queen of Oblivion, and Cyberse Magician bringing Ritual Summoning into the modern era.  Ritual Spells like Cycle of the World and Cynet Ritual Special Summon those monsters straight from your hand, and when they do, Pinpoint Landing kicks in for a free card.

We just had our first look at the “Danger!” monsters: a new World Premiere theme where once per turn, you can wind up Special Summoning cards like Danger! Bigfoot or Danger! Chupacabra from your hand.  Doing so requires a discard, but each “Danger!” monster replaces itself with a free draw.  Add Pinpoint Landing to the mix and suddenly you’re drawing two cards off every “Danger!” effect.

Noble Knights can play Pinpoint Landing too, thanks to the Special Summon effect of the new Noble Knight Custennin and cards like Noble Knight Brothers, Noble Knight Eachtar, and Noble Knight Gawayn.

Take a look at the top tables at tournaments today, and there are lots of decks that might want to use Pinpoint Landing.  Pendulum Summoning a single monster from your hand, or Special Summoning with the effect of a Pendulum Monster like Chronograph Sorcerer, can bring Pinpoint into Pendulum decks.  It’s really easy to use in Pendulums.

Trickstars have Trickstar Lycoris and Trickstar Lilybell.  Goukis have Gouki Suprex and Gouki Headbatt.  And Altergeists have Altergeist Multifaker and Altergeist Kunquery.  Speedroids have started to make a comeback, and Speedroid Taketomborg’s effect can trigger Pinpoint.  Big Link Summoning decks can even use it to draw another card with Saryuja Skull Dread’s Special Summon ability, and old school boss monsters like Judgment Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning suddenly come with a free draw.

At worst, Pinpoint Landing’s a free Upstart Goblin for Decks that consistently Special Summon from the hand.  At best it’s a lightning rod for your opponent’s removal and a free draw every turn, crushing your opponent under the sheer weight of your options.  Grab your Pinpoints at your Sneak Peek this weekend and see where it works for you.

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