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Cybernetic Horizon: Mightier than the Pen

July 23rd, 2018

Duelists have come to expect incredible power from Link-4 monsters. That’s because there are so many amazing Link-4 monsters currently in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. On the tournament scene, the most popular Link-4 monsters are easy to Summon, have high Attack Points, have effects that will help you finish off an opponent, and have effects that will protect you and your monsters if you can’t finish off an opponent. Borrelsword Dragon from Cybernetic Horizon has all of these qualities.


Borrelsword Dragon is a Link-4 monster that can be Summoned by using 3 or more Effect Monsters as Link Materials. Just about every Deck Summons lots of Effect Monsters, so Borrelsword Dragon can be Link Summoned out of just about any Extra Deck. Decks using Scapegoat can ultimately transform 4 Sheep Tokens into Borrelsword Dragon by using the Sheep Tokens to Link Summon Effect Monsters that can be used as Link Materials for Borrelsword Dragon. Even though Borrelsword Dragon is simple to Link Summon, it also boasts an impressive 3000 ATK and has the Duel-altering effects that you’d expect from a powerful Link-4 monster.

Borrelsword Dragon’s first effect protects it from being destroyed in battle. This effect can help Borrelsword Dragon stick around to use its other effects, even if an opponent manages to Summon a monster with more Attack Points than your Borrelsword Dragon.

Borrelsword Dragon’s second effect is a Quick Effect that lets you target an Attack Position monster and change it to Defense Position, all while giving Borrelsword Dragon the ability to attack twice during the Battle Phase of that turn. This effect can be activated once per turn and during either player’s turn. It can be used defensively on an opponent’s turn to switch the battle position of an opponent’s monster and stop it from attacking, allowing it to protect your other monsters. It can also be used offensively during your turn to switch any monster, even one that has already attacked, to Defense Position and allow Borrelsword Dragon to attack twice! In addition, your opponent can’t activate cards or effects in response to this effect’s activation. That means this effect of Borrelsword Dragon can’t be stopped by popular cards like Solemn Strike.

Once per turn when Borrelsword Dragon attacks a face-up monster, you can activate Borrelsword Dragon’s last effect. Until the End Phase, Borrelsword Dragon’s ATK will increase by half of the ATK of the monster it attacks, and the monster it attacks will lose half of its ATK. This effect guarantees that Borrelsword Dragon will be stronger than anything it attacks and lets you strengthen Borrelsword Dragon’s second attack by attacking a monster with its first attack.

Lots of different Decks use Borreload Dragon from Circuit Break because it’s easy to Summon and capable of dominating a Duel. Borrelsword Dragon from Cybernetic Horizon shares the same high Attack Points and Duel-ending capabilities. You can add Borrelsword Dragon to your Extra Deck when Cybernetic Horizon releases on July 27th!

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