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Cybernetic Horizon: Never Judge a Book

July 25th, 2018

Drawing cards is great.  The only person that doesn’t want you drawing cards is the person at the table sitting across from you, but beyond that, no one doesn’t like drawing cards.   Cybernetic Horizon has a Spell Card that combines aspects from a few of the most powerful draw effects in the game.  Take a look at the Ledger of Legerdemain!


Ledger of Legerdemain is a Normal Spell Card that lets you draw 3 cards three Standby Phases after you activate it.  The ledger banishes the top 3 cards of your Deck face-down (just like with Pot of Desires, you can see your face-down banished cards, but your opponent can’t, and very few effects in the game can interact with face-down banished cards), and in your third Standby Phase after you activated Ledger of Legerdemain, you’ll add all three cards to your hand.  Just like how Gold Sarcophagus turns itself into any card in your Deck 2 turns later, Ledger of Legerdemain also turns itself into more cards from your Deck turns after it’s used.  This type of card is best used in control-based strategies like Altergeists or Paleozoic that can ensure that you’re still in the Duel three turns after you activate this card.  And a strategy like Altergeist can very easily make a comeback or secure the win with the three cards you’ll add to your hand.  And since you know what those cards are, you can prepare your turns in advance knowing exactly what cards you’ll have at that time while your opponent is left in the dark!

Ledger of Legerdemain can be effectively used when you know exactly what cards are on top of your Deck before you activate it.  Some card effects like Plaguespreader Zombie or Edge Imp Sabres put cards on top of your own Deck.  If you don’t want to draw the card you placed on top of your Deck, you can use Ledger of Legerdemain to banish that card (and the next 2 cards) and add them to your hand 3 turns later.  Or, if your opponent uses an effect like SPYRAL GEAR – Drone to rearrange the top cards of your Deck, you can use Ledger of Legerdemain to clear those cards away and keep the identity of the top card a secret.

As strong as it is, things can go awry with the Ledger of Legerdemain.  Since it needs to add all 3 of the banished cards to your hand, if any one of them is no longer banished face-down by Ledger’s effect, none of the cards get added to your hand.  Of the very few cards that can disrupt Ledger’s effect, one of them is PSY-Framelord Omega.  Because PSY-Framelord Omega’s effect targets one banished card and doesn’t specify anything about it, the effect can target a face-down card.  By sending any of the three banished cards back to the Graveyard, the other 2 cards will stay banished.  If your Deck can Summon PSY-Framelord Omega, you can effectively deal with Ledger of Legerdemain if your opponent plays one against you.

You can add Ledger of Legerdemain to your collection once Cybernetic Horizon hits shelves on July 27th!

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