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Cybernetic Horizon: Look to the Stars

July 25th, 2018

There have been many different spells throughout the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! that allow you to draw extra cards. The classic Pot of Greed allows you to draw two cards from your Deck, and we’ve seen plenty of different Spells that draw 2 cards see a lot of tournament play. Cybernetic Horizon introduces Celestial Observatory , a new Spell that gives you more ways to draw cards if you can meet its condition!

Celestial Observatory is a Spell with a simple effect. You can place a Level 6 monster from your hand or your field on the bottom of the Deck, and draw 2 cards. The first part of Observatory is a cost, so you’ll lose your monster even if your Spell is negated. In addition, you can only activate one Celestial Observatory per turn, but that’s not a big downside when you’ll have 2 new cards to play with!


So the big question is: which Decks or monsters are best to use this with? Of course, not every Deck is going to be able to use this, but the ones that can will certainly get a lot of value from it. There are several Decks that have Level 6 monsters that they don’t want to draw, and will be very happy to put them back into the Deck. Every Destiny HERO player has been stuck with 1 or more Destiny HERO – Malicious in their hand, with no way to get them into the GY. Celestial Observatory will let you put it back into your Deck where you can reliably send it to the GY with reliable monsters like Armageddon Knight, refilling your hand in the process! There are also Decks that reliably search out specific Level 6 monsters from the Deck. Hieratic and PSY-Frame Decks rely on monsters like Labradorite Dragon and PSY-Frame Driver, but don’t really want to draw them. Putting them on the bottom of your Deck ensures that you won’t draw them later, and doesn’t lock out of your combos or strategy whatsoever! Celestial Observatory is likely to do well in Decks with a higher density of Level 6 monsters, like Vampires or Hazy Flames, however Decks like Hieratics can also benefit since they’re able to easily search their Level 6 Monsters.

Since you can use Celestial Observatory on monsters you control, let’s talk about some of the monsters you can get value from on the field that you can cash in for 2 cards later! Chaos Sorcerer is a great choice, since you can mitigate the downside of its effect by sending it back to your Deck with Celestial Observatory. You can even use monsters like Majesty’s Fiend and Vanity’s Fiend to lock down your opponent, before putting it on the bottom of the Deck to set up a powerful turn! Monarch Decks playing the Level 6 Monarchs will also love this, since you can return your Monarch to the Deck after using its effect and attacking, and then search it out again later with Return of the Monarchs!

Celestial Observatory is a draw Spell with a lot of potential in the right Deck. If you can find the right home for this Spell in your Deck, then it will definitely serve you well. Be sure to keep an eye out for Celestial Observatory in Cybernetic Horizon!

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