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Shadows in Valhalla: From Beyond

August 13th, 2018

The “Elder Entity” and “Old Entity” monsters have some of the coolest, most unique effects in Dueling: Elder Entity Norden’s ability was so powerful it had to be locked away on the Forbidden List!

Now, a new breed of ancient threat awakens in Shadows in Valhalla: the Outer Entities.  Take a look at the Rank 4 Xyz Monster Outer Entity Nyarla, and the Rank 5 Outer Entity Azathot.


You Xyz Summon Outer Entity Nyarla by overlaying any two Level 4 monsters.  With 0 ATK and 2600 DEF, Nyarla’s sort of a stepping stone to greater things: when it’s Xyz Summoned, you can discard any number of cards and then increase Nyarla’s Rank by the number you discarded.

Outer Entity Nyarla’s second ability works once per turn.  While Nyarla has Xyz Material you can target a monster in your Graveyard: you detach all materials from Nyarla, and if you do, you attach the target to Nyarla to replace them. When a monster’s attached to Nyarla that way, Nyarla’s Type and Attribute become the same as that monster’s.

Both of those abilities can help you dump cards to the Graveyard on Turn 1, and they’re going to make Nyarla a popular pick in ABC-Dragon Buster Decks, since those strategies need to get monsters into the Graveyard to Contact Fuse for ABC-Dragon Buster.  ABC Duelists have used Bujintei Tsukuyomi to do that in the past, but Outer Entity Nyarla does the same thing while opening up bigger plays.

And by “bigger plays” we mean Outer Entity Azathot.


Outer Entity Azathot requires 3 Level 5 monsters for its Xyz Materials, but you can also Xyz Summon it using Nyarla alone, thanks to Azathot’s first effect.  With 2400 ATK it’s bigger than Tsukuyomi, and its second effect is a game changer: after Azathot’s Xyz Summoned your opponent can’t activate monster effects for the rest of that turn.

That means once Azathot’s on the table, your opponent can’t surprise you with hand traps like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, Effect Veiler, or Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.  Effects that trigger in the Graveyard, like say, that Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss you just ran over, won’t give you any problems either.  And those big controlling boss monsters that dominate tournaments?  They’re all next to useless if you stick Azathot on the table.  Altergeist Hexstia, Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal, Naturia Beast, Decode Talker, Toadally Awesome, SPYRAL Sleeper, Tri-Gate Wizard… none of them can stop you from playing out your turn the way you want.

Outer Entity Azathot has one final effect, too:  if it has at least 3 Xyz Materials (1 Fusion, 1 Synchro, and 1 Xyz Monster), you can detach a material from it to destroy all cards your opponent controls.  In a darker timeline, the trick would be to Instant Fusion for Elder Entity Norden, use it to Special Summon a Level 4 Synchro Monster, then overlay both into Nyarla and go straight into Azathot.  But with Norden safely Forbidden, Azathot’s deadliest power will probably stay locked away.  (For now.)

Instead, Outer Entity Nyarla and Outer Entity Azathot are set to make ABC-Dragon Buster better than ever before.  With Nyarla to set up your Graveyard, Azathot to protect you, and ABC-Dragon Buster controlling the field with its powerful banishing ability, that strategy’s suddenly way more powerful.  Machine Duelists take note: Shadows in Valhalla brings a new dawn for ABCs!

Make sure to checkout Shadows in Valhalla when it hits shelves this Friday, August 17th!