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Shadows in Valhalla: As the Prophecy Foretold

August 15th, 2018

Ziegfried von Schroeder went all the way to the finals of the KC Grand Championship, and he got there thanks to the combination of his Valkyrie cards and the power of the three Goddesses.  In the quarterfinals, he eliminated Joey Wheeler using the three Goddesses to pick apart Joey’s field and manipulate the top cards of his Deck.  And in Shadows in Valhalla, you can add these powerful cards to your Deck and control the fate of your Duels!


Let’s start with the first of the three, Goddess Skuld’s Oracle.  When you activate this card, if all of your monsters are face-up “Valkyrie” monsters, you can add the second Goddess, Goddess Verdande’s Guidance from your Deck to your hand.  Once per turn, you can look at the top 3 cards of your opponent’s Deck (your opponent doesn’t get to see the cards) and put them back on top of their Deck in the order of your choosing.  After you use this effect, you can’t Normal Summon or Special Summon any monsters except for Fairy-Type monsters.  On its own, this type of effect is one of the best effects for gathering information and disrupting future plays: SPYRAL Decks have this type of ability on SPYRAL GEAR – Drone which is Limited in part due to its ability to put a card on top of your opponent’s Deck that can’t reverse whatever you’re about to do.  And if you’re playing with Valkyrie cards, the drawback is almost irrelevant.


After you play Goddess Skuld’s Oracle, the next Spell is Goddess Verdande’s Guidance.  As you’d expect, if you activate this card while all of your monsters are Valkyrie monsters, you can add the third Goddess Spell Card, Goddess Urd’s Verdict from your Deck to your hand.  Once per turn, you can declare a card type (Monster, Spell, or Trap).  Your opponent reveals the top card of their Deck (both players get to see this one), and if you “guessed” right, the card is Set to their field.  If you guessed wrong, the card is added to the opponent’s hand.  If you used Goddess Skuld’s Oracle before using this effect, you know exactly what card you put on top of your opponent’s Deck, so picking the right Type is easy.  Even if you didn’t start with Goddess Skuld’s Oracle and have to make a blind guess, you may be able to narrow down the correct choice based on what type of strategy your opponent has.  Now, you could use effects that destroy Set cards on the field to deal with the card you just allowed your opponent to put onto the field, but as you might have figured out, this is all just a setup for the final Goddess…


While face-up on the field, Goddess Urd’s Verdict prevents your Valkyrie cards from being targeted or destroyed by your opponent’s card effects.  That’s already very good in a Valkyrie Deck.  But that’s not even the best ability on this Spell.  Once per turn, Goddess Urd’s Verdict lets you declare a card name and target a Set card your opponent controls.  The Set card is revealed and if you “guessed” correctly, the target is banished, otherwise you have to banish a card you control.  If you used Goddess Verdande’s Guidance just before using this effect, you know exactly what card you placed on your opponent’s field, leaving it as the prime target to be banished by Goddess Urd’s Verdict.  And how did you assemble these three cards?  Have a Valkyrie on your side of the field and don’t control any monster that isn’t a Valkyrie and then activate Goddess Skuld’s Oracle.  That’s it!  With just 2 cards, you can look at the top 3 cards of your opponent’s Deck, pick the one you don’t want them to keep, put it on their field then banish it!  You’ll get rid of one of their powerful cards and know the next 2 cards of their Deck before they do!

Shadows in Valhalla hits Official Tournament Stores on August 16th and is available everywhere else on August 17th!

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