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Shadows in Valhalla: The Shadows

August 16th, 2018

The Ninjas, those masters of stealth and turning into animals, have returned! Shadows in Valhalla brings new Ninjas, a new Grandmaster Link Monster, and a new transforming Ninjitsu Art! We’ve even discovered the top secret village of the Ninja where they learn their Ninjitsu Arts!

Let’s dive right in with Yellow Ninja!


Yellow Ninja is a Level 4 WIND Warrior with an impressive 1900 ATK and 1800 DEF. When you Normal Summon or flip up Yellow Ninja you’ll get to Special Summon any Level 4 or lower Ninja from your hand, either face-up in Attack Position or Set in face-down Defense Position. This is a perfect way to get extra monsters on the field for your Ninjitsu Arts, and it allows you to Set monsters while still applying pressure with Yellow Ninja’s high ATK. It’s also the easiest way to Special Summon Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo and trigger its second effect. Just remember that you can only use Yellow Ninja’s effect once each turn, and you cannot Summon from your Extra Deck in the same turn, except for other Ninjas.

Next, we’ll look at Yellow Ninja’s true power unleashed: Yellow Dragon Ninja!


Yellow Dragon Ninja has a massive 3000 ATK, making it the strongest Ninja of all! You cannot Special Summon Yellow Dragon Ninja except with a Ninja or Ninjitsu Art card. Luckily, it’s a WIND Dinosaur, and it’s Level 8 – perfect to combine one of your Level 4 Ninjas with Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation! Yellow Dragon Ninja packs a Quick Effect that pairs perfectly with its high ATK. By sending to the Graveyard one Ninja and one Ninjitsu Art, either from your hand or your field, Yellow Dragon Ninja will destroy any two Spell/Trap Cards! You can use this effect as many times as you want in a turn – as long as you have spare cards, Yellow Dragon Ninja can clear your opponent’s back row. Since many of the Ninjitsu Art cards remain on the field after they’ve done their jobs, Duelists often use Magic Planter or Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy to put those cards to use. Yellow Dragon Ninja gives you another option, as a powerful Quick Effect. It also pairs well with our next card, the Hidden Village of Ninjitsu Arts – hidden until now, that is!Kadogakure

This Field Spell offers everything a Ninja needs. First, since its name includes “Ninjitsu Art” it will count for the multitude of other Ninja cards like Yellow Dragon Ninja and Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo! You read that right – you can search for your new Field Spell with a simple Normal Summoned Hanzo. Hidden Village of Ninjitsu Arts has two effects, and you can use each of them once per turn.

First, when a Ninja is Summoned to your side of the field, you can take any Ninja or Ninjitsu Art from your Graveyard and add it to your hand. You won’t be able to activate that card (or other cards of the same name) for the rest of the turn, but any you used previously in the turn are fine. Using it for another card, however, is perfectly acceptable! Discard your free card with Yellow Dragon Ninja or Upstart Golden Ninja and reap the rewards.

Additionally, if any of your Ninja or Ninjitsu Art card(s) would be destroyed, either by battle or an opponent’s card effect, you can simply banish a Ninja monster from your Graveyard instead! Hidden Village will protect your field, including itself. You can even use Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy to draw cards, while having Hidden Village keep your cards on the field!

Our next card is the newest Grandmaster of the Ninjas and the first Ninja Link Monster, Ninja Grandmaster Saizo!


Ninja Grandmaster Saizo is a Link 2 monster, and needs any two Ninjas for Link Materials. With 2000 ATK and two Link Arrows pointing down-left and down-right, it’s a great card for the Ninja strategy looking to make use of the Extra Deck. Saizo has two powerful effects to aid the Ninja gameplan. Once per turn during your Main Phase, Saizo can Set any one Ninjitsu Art card directly from your Deck! You can get the Hidden Village,  one of the Transformation Ninjitsu Arts, or even the newest Ninjitsu Art – more on that in a moment.

Saizo also has the best stealth abilities of Ninjas to date. As long as Saizo is pointing to a monster, Saizo cannot be targeted for attacks or by opposing card effects! Use Yellow Ninja to instantly Link Summon Saizo, or to load up the field with monsters for Saizo to point to.

Finally, the newest Ninjitsu Art card! It’s the Ninjitsu Art of Mirage-Transformation!


Like all the Transformation Arts, you’ll activate Ninjitsu Art of Mirage-Transformation by Tributing a Ninja monster. Then you’ll Special Summon one monster from your opponent’s Graveyard! Not only will you swipe an opponent’s card – the new monster will now be treated as a Ninja! You’re only limited to playing one Mirage-Transformation per turn.

Mirage-Transformation is great for a few reasons. Obviously, like Monster Reborn you can take a powerful card and use its effects or send it into battle. That works well enough, but Ninjas are capable of better tricks than just that. Since your new monster counts as a Ninja, you can use it with all your other Ninjas and Ninjitsu Arts! That will allow you to get an extra free card with Hidden Village, a higher Level monster from Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation, or even a second surprise Mirage-Transformation during the Battle Phase! You can even use your new monster to Link Summon Ninja Grandmaster Saizo when you don’t need it anymore.

The Ninjas are out in full force with Shadows in Valhalla! You can find them and all the other new cards starting August 17th! P.S. They put the Shadows in Valhalla.

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