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Arena of Lost Souls: Royal Flush

March 8th, 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to our first preview article for the first Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls. To start things off, we’re going to take a look at Yugi’s renowned Royal Knights!

The Royal Knights are a Warrior theme centered around Summoning King’s Knight while you control Queen’s Knight. Once King’s Knight is Summoned alongside his Queen, he will Special Summon Jack’s Knight straight from your Deck! This gives you 3 reasonably powerful monsters to attack with, but their real power is unlocked when you fuse these monsters together, Summoning the mighty Arcana Knight Joker!

Arcana Knight Joker has extremely high ATK, nearly enough to end a Speed Duel in one swing! While strength is important, Arcana Knight Joker has a built-in ability to protect it from your opponent’s targeting effects. Other high ATK monsters fall very quickly to Riryoku or Relinquished, leaving you low on resources because you invested so much in Summoning it. Arcana Knight Joker on the other hand has an effect stops those cards cold in their tracks! While it will cost you a card from your hand that is the same type as whatever you’re stopping, the tempo swing is big enough where you come out on top!

To pull the combo off, you are required to get a Queen’s Knight onto the field and then successfully normal summon King’s Knight. This can be tricky, Queen’s Knight supports a reasonable defence of 1600, but a single field spell like Amazoness Village can put many Amazoness monsters on 1700 ATK. If your Queen’s Knight is destroyed, a King’s Knight in your hand becomes much weaker. To help you assemble this combo, this new Skill card might be just what you are looking for:    

Once per turn, if you control “Queen’s Knight”, you can pay 1000 LP to Normal Summon 1 “King’s Knight” in addition to your Normal Summon or Set. “King’s Knight” and “Jack’s Knight” you control cannot attack directly the turn you use this Skill.

This skill allows you to turn any Queen’s Knight and King’s Knight hand into a powerful field or even a fast Fusion Summon. You always have the option of not fusing your monsters together and having three monsters to attack with, however your King’s Knight and Jack’s Knight will not be able to attack directly that same turn because of Royal Flush.

To help fend off the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Tyrant Dragon that reign down destruction thanks to Kaiba’s Dragon Caller Skill, an additional weapon can be added to your Royal Knight’s arsenal thanks to Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls.

Any of your Royal Knights equipped with Sword of Dragon’s Soul pose a threat to your opponent’s Dragons, and against every other Deck it’s a high enough ATK boost where the single card investment isn’t too costly.

Common Charity is another tool from Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls that Royal Knights can utilize. Drawing multiple Jack’s Knights can be difficult to work with because of their high level. Common Charity lets you trade drawn Jack’s Knights into new cards, and you can even turn your Queen’s Knight into 2 new cards should the situation call for it.      

That will wrap it up for our first preview article. Check back soon for more previews of Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls!