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The Infinity Chasers: Rank-Up Machines

March 20th, 2019

Putting the infinite in The Infinity Chasers, the Infinitrack are all about swarming the field with Machines and Ranking-Up Xyz Summons beyond anything you’ve seen before. If you’re looking for the best way to start your combos, there’s no better place than Infinitrack Harvester and Infinitrack Anchor Drill!

Infinitrack Harvester will add an Infinitrack monster from your Deck to your hand when it’s Summoned, while Infinitrack Anchor Drill will Special Summon an EARTH Machine from your hand whenever it’s Summoned. Both of them have the same second effect, modifying it and another Machine’s Level by adding them together. This makes it very easy to Xyz Summon high Rank monsters, hitting thresholds like Level 5 and Level 9 with ease thanks to the rest of their monsters.

All of the other Infinitracks are Level 5 with effects that let you Tribute an EARTH Machine to Special Summon them from your hand, allowing you to easily accelerate the best Level you could want alongside Harvester or Anchor Drill. Each of them also have a secondary effect, either banishing themselves or a Machine for a bonus. You can search their themed Spell, Trap, Special Summon an Infinitrack from the Graveyard, or make a pretty good Pot of Avarice impression.

From there, you can Summon powerful Xyz Machines like Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack or Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir, or one of the 3 Infinitrack Xyz Monsters with a Rank of 5, 7, and 9 respectively. Each of them will take any monster it destroys by battle and attach it as an Xyz Material, scooping up your opponent’s cards and using them to power their own effects. Each has a unique effect: Infinitrack River Stormer can take an EARTH Machine from your Deck and either add it to your hand or dump it to the Graveyard, Infinitrack Mountain Smasher can boost its ATK by 1000, and the almighty Infinitrack Earth Slicer can detach any number of its materials to destroy that many cards on the field! Each also has an additional effect that will let you Tribute a Machine Link Monster to Special Summon the Xyz back from your Graveyard, and while you would normally need to attack for it to gain more materials, Infinitrack Goliath has you covered.

We have seen Link-1 monsters play a big role in competitive play, making it easy to Link Summon and starting huge combos. Infinitrack Goliath gives your Infinitracks real staying power, by attaching itself to an Xyz Monster as a material whenever it is sent to the Graveyard. All it takes to Link Summon is a non-Link Infinitrack, so any extra monster you have lying around, even an Xyz with no materials, can fit the bill. Any Machine Xyz Monster that is lucky enough to have Goliath as an Xyz material will get a bonus effect that prevents its destruction by card effects! Infinitrack Goliath really does it all, but if you’re looking for raw power, Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops might be what you’re looking for

Infinitrack Fortress Megaclops requires 3 Xyz Monsters to Link Summon it, but with 4000 ATK it’s no slouch and being unaffected by other monsters’ effects, other than Xyz Monsters, it’s no slouch. Megaclops can target an Xyz Monster in your Graveyard and a card your opponent controls to Special Summon back the Xyz Monster and scoop up the opposing card to deposit it as an Xyz Material for that new monster! While it’ll have the damage your opponent takes for the rest of the turn, the card economy you gain with just use of its effect is huge. One of the coolest aspects about Megaclops is you don’t even have to play it in an Infinitrack Deck to get all of its benefits. Something like Zoodiac that has an abundance of easily Summonable, material hungry, Xyz Monsters can make great use out of Megaclops.

To help supplement all of these awesome Infinitracks, you can use cards from Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose like Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede for additional staying power and Urgent Schedule to help accelerate Machines into play even faster. Machine Fortress is a classic Machine that has the best of both worlds, giving you a quick way to Summon the Rank 9 Infinitrack Earth Slicer alongside Infinitrack Harvester while also being a good discard outlet for your Level 5 Infinitrack monsters to help you grind in the late game.

The Infinitrack are just one of three themes available for the first time in The Infinity Chasers, out this Thursday at Official Tournament Stores and Friday everywhere else!

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