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The Infinity Chasers: Crafty Witches

March 21st, 2019

Themes that are based around Spells are known for their consistency and utility. Sky Striker and Prophecy for example can both get their game plan online quickly, and then answer any situation with the variety of tools at their disposal. With The Infinity Chasers a new Spell-based theme enters the fray: Witchcrafter!

Witchcrafter has an abundance of Normal Spells with various effects for any situation. You can add monsters to your hand with Witchcrafter Creation, clear the way for big plays with Witchcrafter Draping, recur your monsters with Witchcrafter Holiday, or put your opponent on a clock with Witchcrafter Collaboration. What really gives these cards a kick is they all have a built-in second effect that lets you add them back to your hand if you control a Witchcrafter! While you can’t use both of these effects in the same turn, you can easily grind out your opponent over the course of several turns thanks to their recursion.

The Level 2, 3, and 4 Witchcrafters have the same Quick Effect: During the Main Phase, you can Tribute them and discard a Spell to Special Summon a Witchcrafter from your Deck. While they can’t get a monster with the same name, you’ll usually want to upgrade into bigger and better Witchcrafter monsters. In addition to this effect, each also has an added bonus effect while in the Graveyard to help with their initial cost.

The higher Level Witchcrafters are how you’re going to try to end the game. Witchcrafter Edel helps you accelerate additional monsters onto the field and can even recur back a Witchcrafter by Tributing herself. What you want to be Special Summoning with her and your other Witchcrafters are either Witchcrafter Haine or Witchcrafter Madame Verre. Haine gives your other Witchcrafters protection against targeting effects, but more importantly can destroy any face-up card your opponent controls with her Quick Effect by ditching a Spell from your hand. Madame Verre can increase its stats dramatically if you have an abundance of Spells in your hand, so she can end a game very quickly in combination with Witchcrafter Collaboration. She also has a Quick Effect that can turn off all face-up monster effects your opponent controls by discarding a Spell, so you don’t have to worry about your opponent disrupting you when you go in for the win.

While most of the Witchcrafter Spells are Normal Spells, the Continuous Spells Witchcrafter Bystreet and Witchcrafter Scroll both play important roles as well. Bystreet will protect your Witchcrafters from being destroyed once per turn, while Scroll will net you a free draw if one of your Spellcasters destroys an opponent’s monster by battle. Both of these effects give you both staying power and more cards to play with which is great for a slower, resource hungry strategy. Both also have two additional effects: the first will let you send them to the Graveyard from the field rather than discarding for a Witchcrafter effect. This is great because you can get the upside of Witchcrafter Scroll, then send it to the Graveyard to activate a Witchcrafter, allowing you to keep more cards in hand. Their second effect is similar to the rest of your Witchcrafter Spells, letting you reactivate them to the field during the End Phase if you control a Witchcrafter monster, effectively giving you more fuel for any of your Witchcrafter effects.

Witchcrafter is a super fun theme for anyone who wants to dabble in magic. You can find them in The Infinity Chasers, available today in Official Tournament Stores and everywhere else tomorrow!

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