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MACHINA MAYHEM Structure Deck Preview

November 19th, 2009

Mark your calendars and get ready to roll out! Coming next February, the MACHINA MAYHEM Structure Deck will be available for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME.

SDMM-EN001The MACHINA MAYHEM Deck includes a computerized army of high-tech robots and vehicles that you can use to run over your opponents. All of the monsters in MACHINA MAYHEM are Machine-Type monsters. Several of them are also Union Monsters.

Union Monsters were first introduced back in 2003 with the Magician’s Force booster set. These monsters have the ability to attach themselves to other monsters as Equip Cards, giving the monster they attach to additional effects. Also, if a monster that has a Union Monster attached to it would be destroyed, the Union Monster takes the hit, and gets destroyed instead. Attaching Union Monsters to your strongest cards can help stop them from being destroyed. Just imagine your Machine-Type Union Monsters combining and transforming each other into bigger and better machines!

The main monster from this Deck is the brand new “Machina Fortress” card. This new Machine has 2500 ATK and can be Special Summoned from your hand or Graveyard by discarding 8 or more Levels’ worth of Machines.

SDMM-EN020In order to Summon “Machina Fortress,” you can either discard lots of little Machines, as long as the total Levels are 8 or higher. Or you can discard one big Machine, like the Level 10 “Machina Force” (also included in this Deck). To give you more ways to Summon “Machina Fortress” if you’re playing this Deck right out of the box, we’ve also included the Level 8 “The Big Saturn,” a monster first seen in the pages of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga, and never before available for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Once it’s on the field, “Machina Fortress” has 2500 ATK, so it can take down just about anything except the biggest monsters from your opponent’s Deck. But if your opponent does manage to take “Machina Fortress” out, your monster goes down swinging! If destroyed by battle, “Machina Fortress” destroys 1 card your opponent controls. And if “Machina Fortress” is targeted by your opponent’s monster effect, your opponent has to discard a card.

In addition to “Machina Fortress” and “Machina Force,” MACHINA MAYHEM includes 5 other Machina monsters – 7 in all. If you’ve been reading the Yu-Gi-Oh!-R Manga, you might have seen some of the other Machina monsters that will be pulling into store shelves this February. Machina monsters work together to Special Summon and protect one another. They also work well with regular Machine-Type monsters, and MACHINA MAYHEM includes plenty of those, too.

Besides all the new Machina monsters, MACHINA MAYHEM also reprints several older and sometimes hard-to-get cards, including “Blast Sphere,” “Cyber Valley,” “Card Trader,” “Time Machine,” and “Dimensional Prison.” So it will be easy to add these to your collection if you don’t already have them.

So get ready to buckle up in a few months with MACHINA MAYHEM!