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Dark Neostorm: To the Max!

April 26th, 2019

Today’s preview card has been a long time coming. We’ve seen the journey of Auram the World Chalice Blademaster when he was first Chosen by the World Chalice, to when he joined the Mekk-Knights as Mekk-Knight Avram, then when he became Crusadia Maximus, and finally Crusadia Equimax. It’s been a long road for him, and it culminates with his ultimate form as the incredible Link Monster Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax!

You’ll find that Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax is a great Link Monster for any strategy, not just the Mekk-Knight, Crusadia, or World Chalice themes from which it is derived. Avramax is a Link 4 monster which needs monsters that were Special Summoned from the Extra Deck as its Link Materials. That means any strategy can play it, since you can use your other Link Monsters as stepping stones! A Link 2 and any two Extra Deck monsters, two Link 2 monsters, or a Link 3 and any Extra Deck monster, and you’ve got access to a 3000 ATK Avramax with some amazing effects. Here’s just a handful of examples:

-In Mekk-Knights, use the effect of Mekk-Knight Spectrum Supreme to Special Summon Mekk-Knight Avram. Use Avram to play Link Spider, and combine that with Spectrum Supreme.
-In Crusadia Decks, use Crusadia Spatha and Crusadia Regulex, or Crusadia Equimax with any of the other Link Monsters.
-Activate Scapegoat. Use your tokens to play any two Link 2 monsters such as Missus Radiant, Reprodocus, Security Dragon – there are far too many to list, but your Deck should have a preferred option. Your two Link Monsters can now be used to play Avramax.

The first thing to note about Avramax is its two layers of protection – one for itself, and one for your other cards. If Avramax is Link Summoned, your opponent can’t attack anything except him. In addition, they can’t target Avramax with card effects. They’ll need to rely on nontargeting effects to get around Avramax or get a bigger monster and destroy it in battle.

Except, that won’t work either. Avramax’s next effect allows it to win almost any battle and deal massive damage! Once during each battle, if Avramax is battling a Special Summoned monster, you can have Avramax gain ATK equal to the other monster’s ATK during damage calculation. Unless your foe is using an Egyptian God card, they typically won’t be able to play a stronger monster without a Special Summon.

So, let’s recap. Your opponent can’t target Avramax with card effects. They can’t attack any monsters except him. If they do attack him, Avramax will probably be gaining ATK and win the battle anyway. Avramax is looking like an amazing card for both offense and defense! But what if your opponent does happen to draw that Raigeki they needed to take him out? Avramax has one final insurance for that! If you Link Summoned Avramax and he is sent to your Graveyard due to an opponent’s card (either by an effect or if they somehow managed to win a battle), Avramax can shuffle one card from the field back into the Deck. It’s just one more deterrent to keep your field safe by knocking out one opposing card. You can shuffle away any type of card, so a troublesome monster or a threatening spell or trap will all be handled the same.

If you’re using any kind of Link strategy, you’ll want Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax in your arsenal! It’s an amazing card for any Deck, with built in protection and huge offensive prowess. You can get your first look at Avramax at the Dark Neostorm Sneak Peek this weekend!

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