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Gaga for Gagaga Girl!

January 24th, 2013

The “Gagaga” monsters are all about Xyz Summoning: use the right ones, and you can unlock  Xyz Monsters at almost any rank you choose!  Today’s Gagaga Decks revolve around Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Girl: the Magician can change his Level to anything between 1 and 8, while his lovely assistant mimics that Level with her effect.  Gagaga Magician was a Super Rare in Generation Force, and a common in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, but Gagaga Girl was a tough-to-get Secret Rare, until now!  Now she’s available as one of two possible Super Rare cards in Abyss Rising Special Edition, so it’s easier than ever before to build your very own Gagaga Deck.

So, what do you do when you can Xyz Summon almost anything?  The sky’s the limit, but one of the best strategies actually uses Gagaga Girl’s secondary ability to make a devastating combo win.  Check it out!

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Show Them Who Rules the Underworld, with Dark Smog!

December 11th, 2012

Duelists!  It has come to my attention that the enemies of my Dark World armies are rallying around their Graveyards, leveraging their fallen in a desperate bid to outwit me.  How foolish is that?  By now all should recognize that none rule the Graveyard like I – Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World!

To punish their impudence and reclaim our rightful place, I have arranged a special treat for my most loyal supporters, to help you combat this ostentatious trespassing.  In Abyss Rising Special Edition, you may find a Super Rare Dark Smog – the perfect weapon in our war for dominance over the Graveyard!

Am I not generous?

New Dark Smog Lite, half the calories ALL OF THE DESTRUCTION! Read more…

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