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Countdown to Number Hunters: Number 54: Lion Heart

June 27th, 2013

Maybe it’s the lack of stars or the general dearth of ATK and DEF, but Level 1 monsters frequently don’t get enough respect. When Number 54: Lion Heart releases in Number Hunters in just a couple of weeks, that’s bound to change.

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New Amazoness Hotness

July 27th, 2010

Originally hailing from the time when the game was young, the Amazoness monsters are making a comeback thanks to Duelist Revolution. Check out some of the new Amazoness cards you might be able to get your hands on at the Duelist Revolution Sneak Peek.

Amazoness Village is a fantastic Field Spell that boosts all “Amazoness” monsters by 200 ATK and lets you immediately replace any of your “Amazoness” monsters when they’re destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. Once per turn, when your Amazoness monster is destroyed by battle or by a card effect, Amazoness Village lets you Special Summon an Amazoness from your Deck with a Level equal to or lower than the destroyed monster’s Level. That means you can even Special Summon another copy of your destroyed Amazoness!

Use Amazoness Village to Special Summon another Amazoness Chain Master after stealing a card from your opponent’s hand, or another Amazoness Swords Woman after the first one redirects the damage from that battle to your opponent. You can also use Amazoness Village to swap your monster for whichever one is best-suited for your current needs.

 Free monsters are good. Free monsters with ATK boosts are even better. Free monsters with ATK boosts that work alongside cards like Amazoness Archers are the best.


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