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Relentless Revenge: Devlin’s Dice

July 14th, 2018

Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge is filled with sought-after cards from the original anime and beyond. The set’s namesake is none other than one of Duke Devlin’s signature Dungeon Dice Monsters: Orgoth the Relentless!

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Relentless Revenge: Strike Gold

July 12th, 2018

The Seal of Orichalcos was, for a long time, one of the most requested cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series to be made into an actual card for the TRADING CARD GAME.  Given the card’s ridiculous power level and importance in the plot of the Waking the Dragon’s story arc, the demand for this card was the highest until it was finally released.  But the Seal wasn’t the only powerful Field Spell in the animated series: in the very next story arc, we saw another Field Spell that caused all sorts of problems for Yugi Moto.  Presenting one of the most powerful Field Spells from the animated series: Golden Castle of Stromberg! 

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Relentless Revenge: Discard Their Hopes

July 9th, 2018

In addition to incredible reprints, Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge contains powerful new cards like Topologic Gumblar Dragon! Topologic Gumblar Dragon is a Link-4 monster with 3000 ATK and two incredible effects.

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Relentless Revenge: Revenge of the Reprints

June 19th, 2018

The release of Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge is right around the corner! This set features tons of cards from various Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series printed for the very first time, including the mighty Golden Castle of Stromberg! As exciting as cards like Topologic Gumblar Dragon and Number 27: Dreadnought Dreadnoid are going to be, Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge also includes a bunch of sought-after tournament level reprints! Whether it be strategy specific, general staple, or sweet foil upgrade, Relentless Revenge has it all.
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