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Invasion: Vengeance Won’t Stop Combining Dragons and Tanks!

October 12th, 2016

Since the most recent Forbidden & Limited List changes, Blue-Eyes White Dragon has been a dominating force in the competitive scene. It even took down the World Championship this year, and Duelists just can’t help but love piloting the original engine of destruction. While Red-Eyes may get more direct support from Invasion: Vengeance, Blue-Eyes Duelists will be getting a new generic Level 9 Synchro Monster that lets them maximize the usefulness of cards they already play and make precision strikes on problem cards at any point in the Duel! Read more…

Legendary Decks II: Blue-Eyes or Nothing

October 4th, 2016

Some people never change, and Seto Kaiba is one of them. The original Yu-Gi-Oh! series could have run for eternity and Kaiba would always be finding new ways to Summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragons quickly and repeatedly, stopping only to gloat or deliver sick burns, sometimes both. Read more…

Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

July 15th, 2016

Your Blue-Eyes Deck got even better with the cards from Shining Victories but it’s about to go over the top with the newest Blue-Eyes Fusion Monster: Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

EN MVP1 jpg

This behemoth has the same stats as the original Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, 4500 ATK, 3800 DEF, making it bigger than most other monsters in the game including most of the supersized ones like Kozmo Dark Planet, but this 3-headed monstrosity has a very fitting effect to back it up; if it’s the only face-up card you control and it was Fusion Summoned, after it attacks, you can send a Blue-Eyes Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard to have it attack again.  You can do this twice per turn, giving your three-headed dragon three attacks in total!  And at 4500 ATK, Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon can end the Duel in a single Battle Phase!  Unlike most similar effects, the additional attacks don’t have to be on other monsters so Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon can potentially make three direct attacks!  While you won’t be able to use the multi-attacking effect if you control other face-up cards like Mausoleum of White, 4500 ATK is still nothing to scoff at.

But as good as attacking three times is, Neo Blue-Eyes White Dragon also has a Graveyard effect.  If a card or effect is activated that targets Blue-Eyes monster(s) you control, you can banish Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon from your Graveyard to negate and destroy the card.  This protects your Blue-Eyes from threats like Kozmo Dark Destroyer, The Phantom Knights of Break Sword, Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss and Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer.  How can you get Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate into the Graveyard?  How about another copy of Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon?  If you have three in your Extra Deck, you can Fusion Summon one of them, then use its effect to attack two additional times, sending the other two Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimates to the Graveyard, giving you two chances at protecting your 4500 ATK monster.

You’ll need three Blue-Eyes White Dragons in order to Fusion Summon Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and while it’s easier to use a card like Dragon’s Mirror to banish Blue-Eyes from your Graveyard, it’s a steep price to pay for the Summon since a banished Blue-Eyes White Dragon is hardest to Summon back to the field.  If you’re focused on Summoning Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, you may want to go with a more conventional Fusion Spell Card like Polymerization which will put Blue-Eyes White Dragon into your Graveyard where you can use cards like Return of the Dragon Lords, Silver’s Cry, Maiden with Eyes of Blue and Beacon of White to Special Summon them back to the field with relative ease.  Getting the requisite Blue-Eyes to your hand and field should be a breeze if you’re using The Melody of Awakening Dragon, Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, Maiden with Eyes of Blue, The White Stone of Legend and The White Stone of Ancients.  And if you’re running Polymerization, you can use King of the Swamp to get Polymerization from your Deck to your hand, or use King of the Swamp as a substitute for one of your Blue-Eyes for the Fusion Summon of Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

You can pick up your copies of Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon inYu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack, available on July 22nd!

An Alternative Engine of Destruction!

July 11th, 2016

With Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions Movie Pack hitting shelves on July 22nd, Duelists can acquire a bunch of new powerful and exclusive cards! With a ton of awesome cards that have never been seen before, The Darkside of Dimensions Movie Pack is sure to be one of the coolest sets we have seen in a while. Since the end of the classic series, Seto Kaiba has been training relentlessly in hopes of a rematch with Yugi and the Pharaoh, allowing him to wield the power of a completely new Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Has his quest to prove he is the true King of Games finally led him to the tools necessary to defeat his rival?

EN MVP1 jpg

Kaiba’s impressive new ace monster is none other than Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon! Kaiba’s new Dragon has a massive set of stats matching the original but with some pretty strong new effects. Tributing monsters to summon your Blue-Eyes White Dragon is beneath Kaiba at this point, so the new Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon can be Special Summoned to the field by simply revealing a copy of the original Blue-Eyes White Dragon in your hand, which of course, only he can do. Accelerating a 3000 ATK Dragon into play is no laughing matter, and while you can only Special Summon one Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon onto the field like this per turn, it has even more effects to guarantee it makes a huge impact.

EN MVP1 jpg

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon can make a pretty good impression of Burst Stream of Destruction, as it can destroy an opposing monster via its effect once per turn but loses out on attacking if you do. Even though it might not be as powerful as the original Spell Card, Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon doesn’t prevent all of your Blue-Eyes from attacking so the rest of your monsters can still do damage. With a whopping 3000 ATK it is pretty easy to end the Duel soon after it hits the table, and making sure there is nothing in your way to stop you is part of what makes Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon so strong.

Last but certainly not least, its name becomes Blue-Eyes White Dragon while on the field or in your graveyard! This means all of those Blue-Eyes support cards that interact so well with the original copy will also aid the alternative version, so you get access to all of the cool and powerful combos but with a new twist. Shining Victories released a bunch of incredible new Blue-Eyes cards, and Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon taking advantage of that is nothing but awesome.

Do you want to add this powerful alternative Dragon to your arsenal? Do you think you have what it takes to wield Kaiba’s newest monster? You’ll have your chance to prove it when Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimension Movie Pack hits on July 22nd!