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Building Battle Pack 2 – Part 4: Fun with Friends

June 4th, 2013

Today I want to get away from card discussions, and talk about ways that you can have lots of fun with your friends using Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants.

Picking up a box of this set (and splitting the cost with your friends) gives you a lot of opportunities for repeatable, affordable fun.


Method 1: The Mega-Deck

Number of players: 2, 4, 6, or 8, but best with 4 or 6.

How to do it:

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Building Battle Pack 2 – Part 3: The “Ten More”

June 3rd, 2013

Last time, we talked about the 10 cards in Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants that can get rid of a monster without resorting to battle.

In addition to those “Killer Ten,” there are ten more cards that can eliminate a monster that is stronger than they are. However, each of these “Ten More” cards has to fight in order to do it. They can take down a bigger monster, but they still have to fight.

The reason that this is important is because of the attack stoppers in the set. All of these “Ten More” cards have to actually reach the Damage Step in order to dispose of a monster with their effects. If you can stop the attack before it reaches the Damage Step, then your monster will be safe.

The most common way to stop an attack in War of the Giants is by changing the attacker’s battle position, with cards like Windstorm of Etaqua, Zero Gravity, or Kunai with Chain. There are also cards that stop attacks in other ways, like Draining Shield, Bacon Saver, and Tasuke Knight.

If you can make it to the Damage Step, though, any of these “Ten More” cards can eliminate a monster. However, they do so in a variety of ways.


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Building Battle Pack 2 – Part 2: What Removal?

May 25th, 2013

Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants releases on June 28! In the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you an idea of what your BP2 Duels are going to look like, some ideas on basic strategy, and some insight on the cards you’ll be playing with (and against!).

As I explained last time, BP2 is designed to give you a very different Dueling experience than you’re used to: slower, more thought-provoking, and much more tactical than normal Duels, and (in my opinion) a lot more like the TV show.

Remember the basic design goals from last time:

  1. Very little monster removal. If you want to get rid of a monster, you have to fight.
  2. Almost no Spell/Trap removal.
  3. Lots of Spells & Traps can surprise the opponent and reverse the outcome of a battle.
  4. High-Level monsters are king.
  5. There’s lots of Special Summoning, but it’s primarily designed to get you the monsters you need to Tribute.

There’s one other thing I should mention, which I didn’t get to last time: No searching around in your deck, either to summon or to add to your hand! This is mainly to cut down on delays during games. Since BP games involve a lot of cards players might not be so familiar with, having your opponent sit there and look through their entire deck – reading every card – while you sit and wait isn’t very fun.


You must unlearn what you have learned.

So, let’s talk about what your BP2 games will be like. The first thing I want to do is break you of some familiar assumptions. So we’re going to start off by talking about what you WON’T see in your Duels.

First up: monster removal.

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Building Battle Pack 2 – Part 1: Design Rules

April 23rd, 2013

Want to know a secret?

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn was the best-selling Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG release of 2012.

It took us ten years to finally assemble enough cool cards to make a set that works specifically for sealed pack play. But once it hit the streets, Duelist response was huge.

Just about everybody, everywhere, was picking up Battle Packs for sealed pack play, either at their local tournament store or just at home with some friends. There have also been two sealed pack Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events (one in Europe, one in North America), and will be more in the future.

So there’s just one problem… how can we possibly top that?

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