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An Ascending Sky Dragon

November 4th, 2015

In Clash of Rebellions, Pendulum Monsters began to meld with the other types of Summons, resulting in an Xyz Monster that was also a Pendulum Monster and a Pendulum Tuner monster that combined with other Pendulum Monsters to make a mighty Synchro Monster! Dimension of Chaos introduces an Xyz Monster that isn’t a Pendulum Monster, but is made of Pendulum Monsters instead! Read more…

Kaiju Attack! The Supermassive Monster Melee Continues!

October 23rd, 2015

The Kaiju are a new tribe of giant-sized monsters first introduced in Clash of Rebellions, and while there were only three cards for the theme, they made a suitably big impact on the imaginations of Duelists.   These enormous creatures aren’t just cool because they’re a city-stomping force of devastation; they’re also completely different from any monsters before them.

Every Kaiju has a set of effects that dictate how you Summon them, and how the theme works. First, each Duelist can only ever control one face-up Kaiju. You can’t attempt to Summon another one to your own side of the field, and if you should ever come into control of a second Kaiju, the new one’s destroyed instantly.

Second, you can Special Summon a Kaiju from your hand to your opponent’s side of the field by Tributing one of their monsters – your choice. From there, if your opponent controls a “Kaiju” monster, you can Special Summon a Kaiju of your own in Attack Position. So to Summon the Kaiju you want, you have to give a Kaiju to your opponent first.

All’s fair in love and rampage. Read more…

A Slayer, Who is a Dragon, Not a Dragon Slayer

September 11th, 2015

The Dracoslayers are a pair of new monsters found in Clash of Rebellions: An amazing Synchro Monster, and the first true Pendulum Tuner Monster! Read more…

Retaliation Will Be Swift, Miniscule, and Insectoid

September 10th, 2015

Retaliating “C” is the newest addition to the pesky pile of bugs that make things tough for your opponent. These cockroaches are great at causing all sorts of trouble, and Retaliating “C” is no different. If you’re unfamiliar with this pesky monster, here’s what it does! Read more…

So Fast, it Arrived 2 Months Early

September 9th, 2015

Level 6 Synchro Monsters have always been very powerful, but not very plentiful. They particularly excel at getting rid of enemy monsters. In fact, there’s kind of a pile-up in that department. You’ve got your Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier that maintains its Forbidden status to this day, Goyo Guardian which has made its return from the Forbidden Realm, and then things like Orient Dragon, Metaphys Horus, HTS Psyhemuth, and Vulcan the Divine. A rarer sort of Level 6 Synchro excels either only in or only against certain strategies, like Naturia Barkion or Psychic Nightmare. Today’s monster showcases a new sort of Level 6 Synchro Monster, something that we’ve never really seen on before! Read more…