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One-Stop Synchro Shop

September 4th, 2015

It’s a Synchro, it’s a Tuner, it’s an attacker and a combo card! It’s Tatsunoko! Read more…

Red Skull Army

September 1st, 2015

Clash of Rebellions is totally rejuvenating the Red-Eyes monster lineup! Like when Joey fused his Red-Eyes B. Dragon with Yugi’s Summoned Skull to play B. Skull Dragon, the new Red-Eyes strategy combines Dragons and Archfiends for a fearsome combo! This article’s focus will be on the new Archfiends in Clash of Rebellions – if you’d like to read about the new Red-Eyes Dragons, head over here! Read more…

Clash of Rebellions: Last of the Infernoids

August 31st, 2015

Infernoids have been lurking in the shadows for half a year now, debuting in Secrets of Eternity and slinking forth at random to take a handful of big tournament showings. With the powerful ability to banish their own from the Graveyard for big Special Summons, they wield deadly effects that command the field and strip your opponent’s Graveyard. But even when they made a dominant showing, they always retreated into obscurity afterwards, often for weeks at a time.

Clash of Rebellions changes all that, and it’s finally time for this deadly family of FIRE Fiends to burn bright! Read more…

Behind Red-Eyes

August 20th, 2015

Approximately two years ago, Blue-Eyes White Dragon Decks got a big boost with the release of the Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck. Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon, Maiden with Eyes of Blue, Castle of Dragon Souls, and more were released in this Structure Deck, giving Blue-Eyes White Dragon fans amazing new cards with which to play.

But while Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards saw play among casual and competitive Duelists alike, Red-Eyes B. Dragon cards seemed to fade in popularity after Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon was Limited. Clash of Rebellions, however, introduces brand new “Red-Eyes” cards that will make Red-Eyes Decks more viable and more popular than ever before! Read more…

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Light Up the Knight

August 10th, 2015

You’ve probably gotten a good look at the Igknights now that Clash of Rebellions has officially launched, but if you haven’t heard yet, here’s a quick rundown. The Igknight sare a new group of Pendulum Normal Monsters that excel at the 2 things that every Pendulum Monster based Deck needs to be able to do: fill the Pendulum Zones, and fill the Extra Deck! The Igknight Pendulum Monsters all share a special Pendulum Effect that helps you to make most of your Pendulum Monsters in all stages of the game! Read more…