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The Hazy Flame Bestiary

February 21st, 2013

Welcome, one and all, to the conflagration creature’s compendium – the Hazy Flame Beastiary! With the release of the Hazy Flame monsters just around the corner, into the Dueling wilds, now is the time to publish my notes regarding these fiery beasts! After having observed these mythical creatures for several months, I believe that anyone seeking to tame them would do well to pay attention to what’s written herein! Read more…

High Class

February 14th, 2013

Heraldic Beasts were first introduced in Abyss Rising, but there weren’t enough of them to build an entire Heraldic Beast Deck until Cosmo Blazer came out! The Deck has several Level 4 monsters, and focuses on Summoning Rank 4 Xyz Monsters. With enough Heraldic cards, you can put together a pretty awesome Deck, so here are some tips to help you get started!

Newblood Read more…

Colossal Meltdown

February 8th, 2013

Most Duelists go to great lengths to keep their cards from being destroyed. Little do they know, destruction can be a good thing! If you’re looking to blow up your own stuff to set some nefarious scheme in motion, check out Bonfire Colossus!

"Hi, I'm Bonfire Colossus. I like puppies, running marathons, and burning my surroudings to ashes." Read more…

Maidens and Monsters

February 6th, 2013

The newest mermonsters, Mermail Abyssleed and Mermail Abyssteus are capable of some truly incredible feats. If Abyssleed resolves its effect even once in a Duel, your chances of winning go way up, and he has 2700 ATK to boot. Abyssteus transmutes merely OK hands into truly great hands. But the key to making the most of these monstrous beasts of the sea is the lovely Level 3 mermaids from Abyss Rising and Cosmo Blazer.

Cute and phenominally powerful, a winning combination. Read more…

Mermail Madness!

February 4th, 2013

With strong showings at YCS Seattle and YCS Barcelona, the new Mermail strategy was quickly recognized as one of the deadliest Decks in Dueling today.  Cards like Mermail Abyssmegalo and Atlantean Marksman combine to create unpredictable combos, demolishing your opponent’s field with destruction effects and putting big monsters on the warpath.  In order to play them properly, or battle back against them, you need to know what the strategy can do.  While we’ve talked about some of the simple combos before, recent YCS action showed off a handful of powerful moves that are a little more complicated.  Here are some powerful plays that Mermail Decks can unleash out of nowhere!

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