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Crossed Souls: Well, At Least We Aren’t Back at Square One, Right?

May 12th, 2015

Nekroz. Shaddolls. Burning Abyss. Satellarknights. What do all of these Decks have in common? They all heavily rely on Special Summons. Today’s preview card is a new way for you to capitalize on that trend! It’s been eleven years, but Back to Square One is finally seeing more pieces of the game board. This time, it’s Lose 1 Turn! Read more…

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Revealing Crossed Souls!

May 8th, 2015

Eager to get your hands on some Crossed Souls booster packs at the Sneak Peek this weekend? Get pumped up for the weekend by checking out our exclusive Crossed Souls booster box opening video! And don’t worry if you can’t make it to an Official Tournament Store this weekend – the Crossed Souls launch is on May 15th!

Crossed Souls: The Shaddoll Alliance

May 7th, 2015

We’ve introduced you to the Zefra already, a group of Pendulum Monsters who’ve come together from other Deck themes from the last year in order to create an awesome new strategy. Of course, you don’t have to play a dedicated Zefra Deck to make the most of their abilities – you can combine the relevant monsters with your current Deck! Today we’re going to look at some ways you can combine the new Zefra monsters with your Shaddoll Deck and even form other Decks as well, and while we’re at it, we’ll also take a look at the new El-Shaddoll Fusion Monster you can use in this Deck! Read more…

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Crossed Souls: I Can See Clearly Now

May 5th, 2015

Today’s Crossed Souls preview is the monster you’ll see on the front of every pack! With this Level 7 Synchro Monster, you can shut down many of your opponent’s strongest monster effects, and your own monster will gain tons of ATK! Take a look at the incredible Clear Wing Synchro Dragon! Read more…

Crossed Souls: Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit’s Triple Trouble

May 1st, 2015

Today, we’re looking at a card that’s pretty great no matter where you put it. It’s a Psychic, it’s a Tuner, it’s a monster with an effect playable from your hand or field, it’s Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit! Read more…

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