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On the Next Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s… The Return of Infernity!

December 3rd, 2010

This weekend it’s the showdown in Crash Town between Yusei and his old friend Kalin Kessler. Kalin was last seen as a Dark Signer, but with Rex Goodwin’s defeat at the hands of Yusei, Jack, and Crow, Kalin and the rest of the Dark Signers were freed of the netherworld’s influence.

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X-Saber Evolution

October 13th, 2010

X-Sabers were one of the top Decks of the Summer. The explosive speed of XX-Saber Faultroll combined with Rescue Cat made them a deadly threat.  But with Rescue Cat now Forbidden in the Advanced Format, and Duelists Setting more cards with no fear of Heavy Storm, the X-Saber strategy has changed.  Lazaro Bellido’s victory at YCS Toronto showed that X-Sabers are still one of the fiercest strategies in Dueling, but to stay competitive, they had to evolve.

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Build Your Own Blue-Eyes White Dragon Deck!

October 8th, 2010

The new Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Legendary Collection doesn’t just bring back six classic booster packs, it also comes with six of the most popular cards from the early days of Dueling.  Amongst them is Kaiba’s legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so today, we’re kickin’ it old-school to show you how to make your very own Blue-Eyes Deck!

With 3000 Attack Points, tons of support cards, and a history that spans a decade, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a truly legendary monster.  But to make the most of it we’ll need to get it from the Deck first, and we can’t just rely on the Heart of the Cards…

These cards will help you to quickly find and Summon your Blue-Eyes.

These cards will help you to quickly find or Summon your Blue-Eyes straight from the Deck.

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Pot of Duality + Cards for Black Feathers = Black(wings) is Back

October 7th, 2010

Blackwing Decks had to make some big changes when the new Forbidden & Limited Cards List went into effect on September 1st. Two of the top cards in Blackwing Decks, Black Whirlwind and Royal Oppression were Limited, cutting down the number Blackwing Duelists could use. These changes left a lot of Blackwing Duelists wondering if their Decks would still work in competitive tournaments, and thanks to Cards for Black Feathers and Pot of Duality, they will.

Draw more, win more.

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Assembling Your Own Scrap Deck

September 10th, 2010

The “Scrap” monsters from Duelist Revolution are all about recycling. Many “Scrap” monsters have effects that let you Special Summon from the Graveyard, or get cards back to your hand.  They’re really good at Synchro Summoning, and their Level 8 Synchro Monster Scrap Dragon is so good that Duelists are playing it in all sorts of different Decks – even Decks that don’t play other “Scrap” monsters.

The center of the Scrap strategy is Scrap Chimera.  It’s a Level 4 monster, and when you Normal Summon it, you can Special Summon a “Scrap” Tuner from your Graveyard.  That means instant access to Level 3 and Level 4 Tuners: Scrap Goblin and Scrap Beast.  You can only Tune Scrap Chimera to other “Scrap” monsters, and you have to Synchro Summon a “Scrap” Synchro Monster; but if you can Normal Summon Scrap Chimera, you can instantly Synchro Summon Scrap Archfiend or Scrap Dragon.  With three Chimeras in your Deck, that’s a lot of power.

With the right Graveyard, you can turn Scrap Chimera into Scrap Archfiend or Scrap Dragon in an instant!

With the right Graveyard, you can turn Scrap Chimera into Scrap Archfiend or Scrap Dragon in an instant!

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